December 5, 2022

Declaration of Tyranny: Biden Indicators Theft of 2022 Midterm Election

Sleepy Joe’s Wednesday night time speech set the phase for the next big take

In a Wed night speech, Joe Biden derided “ Extreme MAGA Republicans” as a direct threat to Democracy, claiming they wish to “ deny” people the right to vote, and then instantly stated that everyone needs to come together and not see each other as the enemy.

On Thursday’s transmitting of “ The Alex Jones Show, ” the particular Infowars founder and host explained to the audience the way the left intends on stealing elections in key says in the midterm elections next week.

“ Well, Joe Biden really showed his hands last night, ” Jones said before mimicking Sleepy Later on, saying, “ ‘ I am the most legitimately elected person in U. S. background. Don’t question elections, however the Republicans are going to steal this. Don’t question elections, but they’re trying to steal it and in these few battleground states where we stole it last time… Nicely, it’s going to take a few days to decide which the winners are. ‘”

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