December 6, 2022

Globalists Have Engineered a Financial Failure to Pave the Way for a New Economic World Order

In essence, we’re standing at surface zero of the global economic climate, watching the squibs going off in the Twin Towers of the global financial system.

( The Corbett Report ) — In case you haven’t observed, the wheels are dropping off the global economy right this moment.

Coming from all started to feel the touch of supply chain disruptions and rising energy expenses and economic uncertainty and inflation – not to mention  stagflation   and  shrinkflation   and  deflation   – but the past months have really hammered home the degree of the crisis we are facing. It seems every single day brings by it the news of some new five-alarm financial fire.

The Dow is  sinking . The loonie is  falling . Japan is  cracking . Global stocks are  plunging . Eurozone inflation is  spiking . The Given is  hiking . Builders are  slashing . Crypto is  crashing . Treasuries are  tanking .

As I’m sure might seen, there have been many, many such stories circulating within the financial press in recent months, most of touting similarly bleak amounts.

But you have to keep in mind that these numbers are simply that: numbers. The real question is what these numbers actually  mean.

These days, let’s answer that question by drilling down on the particular narrative  behind   the numbers and discover what that story tells us about the bars of the economic prison that are locking in to place around us.

The self-confidence trick

As I have long argued, the global financial system (and the particular monetary order that strategy is predicated on) is a confidence trick in the most literal sense of that word. It has always been so in the associated with fiat currency – see, for example , the “ full faith and credit ” verbiage the  U. S. Treasury   and others use to describe the dollar’s “ backing” – but it is particularly so in the last couple decades of central bank artifice.

So , what does it mean to say which the financial system is a confidence trick?

To understand that will, you have to go back to the birth of the modern monetary in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944. As you’ll recall from my podcast show on  Bretton Hardwoods 2 . 0 , the particular Bretton Woods Agreement necessary signatory countries to peg their currencies to the U. S. dollar, which alone was convertible to precious metal bullion at $35/ounce. The idea was that in the post-war era, currencies would once again be backed by gold, through the dollar.

In short, the entire monetary order was to be based on the tour’s confidence in the U. T. government’s ability to keep the spending in check and not renege on its promise to pay for its creditors in gold whenever they asked for it. Yet don’t worry, everyone, Uncle Sam double-dog pinky swore that he wouldn’t abuse the  exorbitant privilege   that comes with being the company of the world reserve currency!

Then along came the Cold Battle and the Korean War as well as the Vietnam War and the nuclear arms race and the increase of the military-industrial complex and the birth of the cradle-to-grave Excellent Society nanny state as well as a concomitant rise in public financial debt and a negative balance of payments. Some countries started to wonder if maybe – just  maybe – the U. S. government didn’t have enough gold in its vaults to cover all of its document promises. But when French Chief executive Charles de Gaulle  sent   french Navy across the Atlantic  to politely ask Uncle Sam in order to convert France’s dollar holdings to gold, President Nixon responded by closing the particular gold window and formally ending the Bretton Woods system.

In the future, no one could pretend that this monetary order was anything  but  a confidence trick. In the  floating trade rate  system   that developed within the wake of Bretton Woods’ destruction, fiat currency is measured against fiat foreign currency in a house of credit cards that only remains position because – like the deluded subjects of the emperor within Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale – people have been taught not to ask whether Emperor Dollar is really wearing any clothes.

Really no surprise, then, that the post-Bretton Woods era has been defined by a series of increasingly brazen attempts by the financial top notch to cash in on the public’s gullibility.

There was clearly Henry Kissinger’s brokering associated with the  petrodollar program , by which the Saudis price oil in dollars and launder those dollars back through the American economic climate.

There was the Black Monday stock market accident of 1987, which resulted in the creation of the Dive Protection Team, a group of high-ranking banksters and government officials that  admittedly   works to rig the stock market  at the behest of the oligarchs.

And there was Greenspan’s casing bubble in the early 2000s, which led to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and that was in turn papered over using a “ jobless recovery” and the normalization of  central bank  intervention   in the markets.

And now here we are at the end of the  “ Longest Bull Run in History !!! What Could Go Wrong??? ”   with the wage slaves still being asked to  “ Worship the Stock Market ”   and pretend that it is not commonly understood that  “ The Markets Are Manipulated , ” that  “ The Financial Push Now Admits the Markets are a Sham ”   and that  “ The Central Banks Have got Engineered This Collapse . ”

However the tide of the last 80 years of monetary history can be turning. People are finally waking up to the fact that the emperor is indeed naked, and many are finally wondering their confidence in the system that the central bankers possess created.

The (engineered) crisis of confidence

That the entire economic order is one giant confidence video game will come as no surprise to a regular readers or anyone else who has been paying attention to this kind of matters. What  is definitely   surprising would be that the mainstream financial press actually even attempting to hide this particular fact anymore .

The particular Bezos Post   frames   its coverage of the inflation crisis as a matter from the public “ losing faith” in the Fed. Famed billionaire investor Bill Ackman is  calling   for aggressive Fed price hikes to “ regain confidence” in the markets. Even Fed chair Jerome Powell  admits   that what’s concerning to the banksters isn’t price pumpiing itself, but people’s  belief   within the system, noting that the “ really critical question” is “ making sure that the public has confidence that we have the tools” to fight inflation.

Indeed, by this time no one can deny that the belief which sustained the global financial con game for so long is faltering. When the monetary order was putting food on their families’ table, few were inclined to query the status quo. Now that the cost of placing food on their table is usually skyrocketing, many have no selection but to question that status quo.

Could loss of confidence may or may not be unexpected to Jerome Powell or maybe the other mid-level functionaries of the con game, it is certainly not surprising to the string-pullers at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – the central financial institution of central banks recognized as the apex of monetary control by Carroll Quigley in Tragedy & Wish – who have been “ warning” of the inevitable result of this central bank-driven QE (quantitative easing) madness  time   and  time again   for years.

It would be the height of naï veté, however , to believe that this people at the very top of the pyramid of economic power can foresee the collapse of the system and yet do nothing to get ready for it. In truth, of course , the particular BIS and the other monetary elites are  not   sitting on their hands wondering what to do concerning this crisis of confidence. Very the contrary. They are egging it on.

The various “ failures” jooxie is seeing in the markets now are not mere happenstance; they are problems that are either becoming created or worsened by deliberate action.

Inflation isn’t coming out of no place. It is the  completely predictable   consequence of central bank interventions.

The supply chain is not “ breaking down” for no particular cause. It has been  turn off by government decree .

Food costs aren’t rising because farmers are suddenly choosing to ask for more money. They’re rising because governments are carefully  crafting the conditions   for a  food apocalypse .

No, what we are experiencing is  not  a spontaneous economic collapse; it is the controlled demolition of the economy.

But why? What reason would the powers-that-shouldn’t-be possess for destroying the very confidence game that they’ve been running for the better part of a century?

Issue, reaction, solution

That the financial elitists who have worked so assiduously to build up a world order might then turn around and contribute to the destruction of that order is only puzzling if we believe they are planning on continuing the existing status quo forever. But they are not. So they can clear the way for your new economic world purchase, they must first destroy the one.

Suppose you signed a 99-year lease on some prime Lower Manhattan office towers. Now imagine that those towers were consistently underoccupied and were going to require  one-hundred dollar million of  asbestos removal  in order to bring them up to code. Finally, a few also imagine that you had the particular foresight to make sure your insurance  explicitly included   the right to rebuild  anything you want on that will land in the unlikely occasion of the towers’ complete damage. In such a scenario, you might simply make the calculation that it’s in your interest to destroy the particular towers yourself and fault the act on  some Muslim bogeymen . You know, hypothetically speaking.

Similarly, if you were in a position of power on the global monetary order and you wanted to completely rebuild that will order from the ground as much as give you and your cronies finish control over every transaction taking place on the face of the planet, after that there may come a time when you calculate that it’s in your curiosity to begin a controlled demolition of the economy.

Not being part of that will financial elite, I obviously can’t say for certain whether that determination has been made. We don’t know how much time we have before the current order collapses altogether or whether the managed demolition of the economy has even started in earnest yet. After all, back  during the Lehman collapse of 2008   I could barely have conceived that the main banksters were going to be able to kick the can in the future for several more years along with quantitative easing and negative interest rates and other transparent financial charlatanry. It’s certainly feasible that the con-men who have been running this con game with regard to so many decades have a couple of more tricks up their particular sleeves to keep the living dead economy limping along for some time.

But exactly what I  do  know – because I covered this here in these pages  back   in-may – is that just about every one central bank in the world is currently actively pursuing the execution of a Central Bank Electronic Currency (CBDC). I know that by the end of the decade – if not much sooner – we are going to see country after country adopting and foisting retail CBDCs on their residents with the intent of tracking every transaction in the economy in real time.

Finally, I am aware that an altogether new monetary instrument is unlikely to be adopted by the public lacking some compelling reason, like a hyperinflationary crisis in the aged monetary instrument.

Putting all of these facts together, it stands to reason that the monetary order we have known our own whole lives is scheduled for destruction and its days are numbered. It is within the light of  this  information that I believe we should be interpretation the current economic crisis.

It’s important to understand how nicely the particular pieces of the broader political/geopolitical/social/financial puzzle fit together and how all the events of the last two years bring those pieces together. The biosecurity rollout necessitates the particular vaccine passports. The shot passports introduce the digital ID. The digital IDENTIFICATION provides the infrastructure for the CBDCs. The CBDCs provide a mechanism for enforcement of a interpersonal credit system (and/or the carbon credit system). To see these events as separate events unfolding haphazardly and coincidentally is to miss the entire point. The demolition of the economy is just an excuse for your implementation of the next phase of the agenda, just as COVID-19 was an excuse for this stage of the agenda.

In short, the all-out financial assault being waged in the free peoples of the planet right now is just another battlefield in the all-encompassing fifth-generation battle we find ourselves fighting contrary to the global elitists.

And, just as I mentioned in my recent  “ Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare , ” our ability to protect ourselves from this assault (let alone win the battle) is dependent upon knowing that we are inside a war at all. We must be able to lay the cards from the table for our friends and family as clearly as possible: The economy is being destroyed purposely. It is being done by same con-men who produced the very system that’s being destroyed. And it is being accomplished to consolidate complete control over the economy, right down to our own ability to buy and sell.

In effect, we’re standing from ground zero of the worldwide economy, watching the squibs going off in the Cal king Towers of the global financial system. We can either stand right here, mesmerized by the pyrotechnics from the explosions, or we can fall back, regroup, and  take the necessary steps to  lessen our dependence   on this collapsing system  and to expand and reinforce  the counter-economy   that will be our just lifeline as the bars of the new economic prison are closing in around all of us.

Whatever the case, create your choice quickly. There is little time left for deliberation.

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