December 5, 2022

Netanyahu & Far Right Coalition Win Big, PM Lapid Concedes Election

Bibi’s conservative coalition is expected to take as much as 65 seats in the 120-member Knesset

It’s official: former Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu is usually returning to power after his alliance of far-right celebrations won this week’s elections.  

The Times of His home country of israel   confirmed late in the day Thursday: “ As the final thousands of votes were being tallied Thurs evening,   Primary Minister Yair Lapid called opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu to concede the race and congratulate him on his election victory . ”

Bibi’s conventional coalition is expected to get as many as 65 seats in the  120-member Knesset, an obvious and sweeping victory.  

“ The state of Israel comes before any political consideration, ” Lapid announced. “ We wish Netanyahu success, for the sake of the people of Israel and the  State of Israel. ”

Lapid had been caretaker prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) since June. Four before gridlocked elections over a period of three-and-a-half years had failed repeatedly to produce a final government. Netanyahu is expected to take the top office once again.

For the Likud party chairman, this will   probably result in his   third stint as prime minister , following the led the country in the placement from 1996 to 99, and then more recently from yr to 2021. He’s the particular longest-serving leader in the nation’s history, having   served for 15 yrs .

Fox News has cited former Israeli Ambassador to the  Usa Nations  and likely soon-to-be Knesset member in the new government, Danny Danon, since saying countering Iran may top the agenda for that new Netanyahu administration.  

“ I believe if we will win, if Netanyahu will return to his position as prime minister,   we will be capable of put the issue of Iran on the front lines and we will expect our colleagues in the U. S. also to deal with this threat , ” Danon  said .

Meanwhile, talking about anti-Iran hawks…

It’s actual about to feel like 2018 all over again. But we’ll see exactly what Netanyahu’s approach to the White House will look like with Biden at the helm, and fewer neocon Republican allies within high positions in Wa.  

And the new far-right governing coalition’s response to the Ukraine turmoil will be interested, at a minute the Ukrainian government is essentially begging for Israeli weaponry, especially the Iron Cupola anti-air defense system…

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