November 26, 2022

Pandemic Amnesty: Globalist Battleplan in order to Enslave Humanity Through Covid Camps Exposed

‘They built all the emergency Covid centers which they right now admit will be for political dissidents, ‘ Alex Jones warns.

During his live, Wednesday transmission, Alex Jones exposed the globalist plan to enslave humanity through Covid camps since the tyrants beg for amnesty.

“ So , think about how they rolled out a virus released from a lab on report, suppressed the true origins of the for as long as they could though they failed, ” Jones told his audience. “ Now, we know that they’ve got Covid that will kills 80% of humans all over the place in labs awaiting plausible deniability when they launch it again. And they’re freely saying anyone who supports the Constitution, Secon Amendment, veterans, national sovereignty, Bill of Rights is a nazi and needs to be put in jail. ”

“ The ADL will be the leading tip of the spear on this enemy attack on us and you and your loved ones, ” he explained. “ And in the documents they coordinate under government directive the plans, not just in order to censor you and surveil a person but to debank a person, to get you fired to actually put you on the street. ”

Jones continued, “ And then, they will built all the emergency Covid centers which they now admit will be for political dissidents in Australia, in the UK, Canada. They may all saying, ‘ Oh, actually, we’re going to lock people up in these that are against the next lockdown. ‘ Is actually all UN-directed. So , these people built all these camps all over the place including in the U. T. and the CDC says they will control rents and casing and are going to reorganize individuals during a collapse. ”

“ That’s the include story. Viruses, collapse, economic destruction, war. But it’s the cover to come after you as well as your family. And the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Middle and these university think thanks a lot as well, coordinated and operate by the folks at the Atlantic who are literally a Heavy State consortium, are getting ready to make a move on you and your family and your children and your business. ”

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