December 9, 2022

The particular View Host Compares White Suburban Women Voting His party to ‘Roaches Voting pertaining to Raid’

Derisive, tone-deaf comparison shows exactly why white female suburbanites are repelled by Democrat party.

The See co-host Sunny Hostin stated suburban white women voting Republican are voting towards their own interests — plus went on to liken these to pests voting for pesticide.

In a Thursday segment revealing exactly what she really thinks about Conservative white women, Hostin opined, “ I read the poll just yesterday that will white, Republican, suburban ladies are now going to vote Conservative.   It’s like roaches voting for Raid, right? ”

The derisive, tone-deaf comparison illustrates exactly why white female suburbanites are repelled by the Democrat party, and is yet another reason why there will likely be a red wave next Tuesday.

“ If a host stated this about anyone besides white people they’d become immediately fired, ” said political commentator Clay Travis.

Various Twitter users agreed, with some calling for Hostin to be refined.

The OP from the clip, US House candidate Wesley Hunt (R-Texas) commented Hostin’s take is associated with Democrats’ wider animosity towards people they can’t control.

“ Typical leftist playbook: attack those that you may not control. Trust me, as a black Republican, I know a thing or two relating to this. VOTE ACCORDINGLY, ” Hunt declared.

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