December 9, 2022

VIEW: Alex Jones Raises Security alarm Over Pornography Pushed in order to CHILDREN in Schools

Watch & reveal to learn how liberals use well-crafted lies as a smokescreen to promote kidnap/rape porn in order to kids!

Alex Jones unloads on the disturbing trend of pornographic material being unleashed within schools by the same Democrats who warn that Republicans want to “ ban books” ahead of the midterms:

‘ Ladies and gentlemen, this is a direct pedophile attack on our children, ” said Jones Fri on The Alex Jones Show . “ Remember, everything they say is the opposite, their religion is backwards. ”

“ Everything is an inversion of God’s plan. ”

Furthermore, check out the latest nationwide ad that raises awareness contrary to the very book Jones unloaded on:

Jones’ now-viral segment and this political advertisement each serve to stop the sexualization of America’s children in our schools.

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