December 6, 2022

“Beto, You Suck! You’re An infant Killer! ” Protesters Deal with TX Dem. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke

Several active supporters and workers interrupted a recent Beto occasion and were predictably attacked by the violent leftists in attendance

Multiple activists who showed up to a move for Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Robert “ Beto” O’Rourke held at a Dallas, Texas gay bar upon Thursday night were physically assaulted by the loving liberals in attendance.

First, comedian and activist Alex Stein yelled at O’Rourke from an overhead balcony.

“ Beto, you suck! Beto, you’re a baby killer! You’re a baby killer! Whatever you do is kill infants. You murder babies, ” Stein screamed in the middle of the politician’s speech.

“ Exactly what are you afraid of? There are some that are afraid of us, ” was your only response from the Liberal candidate.

The angry leftists in the audience shouted, “ Fuck you, ” and “ Piece of shit! ” at Stein while he was being escorted out.

Various individuals hit the demonstrator in the head, kicked your pet, shoved him, and one person even pulled his curly hair extremely hard.

After being removed from the building, Stein went on a live job interview with the podcast host Hotep Jesus, telling him, “ I just crashed Beto’s thing and dude, they were pulling me out of there by my hair, kicking me… I’m on the balcony of the bar and just to go over the stairs it was packed, individuals were grabbing me, kicking me personally, saying the most disgusting things. ”

Stein continued, “ Now I’m escaping. All these gay guys were like, ‘ We’re coming after you, it’s open carry. ‘ Nothing to do with their particular sexuality but at a huge gay bar like that once i said that comment, they were not vibing with Prime Period 99. ”

“ It was nuts, ” he said. “ This type of person so brainwashed. Literally, these kinds of are about ‘ acceptance’ and everything this stuff, they’re grabbing my hair. ”

To avoid being recognized and to blend in with the crowd, Stein wore a rainbow t-shirt and a Covid mask before he started yelling at Beto.

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen tried to ask Beto a question during the speech and was also violently assaulted with the left-wing crowd.

When he stood as much as ask O’Rourke, “ Will you disavow surgeries for trans kids? ” several people started to grab him plus push him back.

The unruly crowd ended up shoving Hansen as well as into a disabled woman seated in her wheelchair.

A generous man eventually grabbed the particular hood of Hansen’s jacket and yanked him towards the ground from behind, knocking the woman out of her seat.

After their freakout triggered Hansen to be shoved into the woman in the wheelchair, Beto lied to his supporters, claiming, “ She obtained knocked over by that will asshole, but she returned up. ”

As the Democrats assaulted Hansen, Beto waved and said, “ We’re going see ya later pal. ”

Hansen tried to press strike charges on whoever pennyless his microphone and criticized him to the floor, yet an officer on the scene refused to take his details and gaslit him by saying he was not attacked.

We need a lot more activists like Stein, Hansen, Drew Hernandez and others interrupting globalist politicians throughout the country heading into the midterms in order to wake up the world and save America.

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