December 5, 2022

Germans want more diplomacy more than Ukraine conflict – study

55% of those polled said they will wished Berlin would more actively pursue negotiations to attain peace

More than half of Germans want their government to boost diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the Ukraine conflict, a current opinion poll has shown.

Over 70% of respondents believe there is no need for Berlin to further ramp up its weapons materials to Kiev.

Conducted by the broadcaster ARD and published on Thursday, the latest DeutschlandTrend survey indicated that some 55% associated with Germans believe that Berlin is not really doing enough diplomacy-wise to obtain a peace agreement in between Kiev and Moscow. The particular share of people espousing this particular view has risen by 14 percentage points since June.

Amid Ukraine’s renewed calls for Germany to provide it with yet more weaponry, the pollster asked people if they would certainly back additional deliveries.

In response, 41% responded by saying that the current level of support is sufficient, while one more 30% believe that Berlin has already gone overboard.

Overall, 47% of Germans consider Ukraine a trustworthy partner – down 16 percentage points from the amount reported in March. Nevertheless , the share of those keeping such a view of Russian federation is 10%, the study indicated. READ MORE:   Russian narrative gaining grip in Germany – study

The poll revealed that the The german language population is split in the view of the sanctions that will Berlin has imposed on Moscow since late February, with 37% wanting Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government to further tighten the screws for the Kremlin, whereas 31% are usually satisfied with the current level of sanctions, and 23% think Bremen should not have gone as far as it has.

Amongst Germans’ top concerns are rising prices, with some 66% of those polled believing that when the current trend continues unabated, they may end up not being able to pay for their bills, the study found.

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