December 6, 2022

NBC Quietly Removes Report Declaring Paul Pelosi Walked Far from Police, “Did Not Immediately Declare” Emergency

The Paul Pelosi attack continues to grow more bizarre by the day. On Friday, sources acquainted with the investigation told  NBC News  that when the police responded to the high-priority call, that they had no idea they had been known as to the Pelosi residence. What’ s more,   Pelosi did not immediately declare an urgent situation or try to leave his home. “ After […]#@@#@!!

The Paul Pelosi attack keeps growing more bizarre by the day.

On Fri, sources familiar with the analysis told  NBC Information   that when the police responded to the high-priority contact, they had no idea they had already been called to the Pelosi home. What’s more,   Pelosi did not immediately declare an urgent situation or try to leave their home.

“ After a ‘ knock and announce, ‘ the front door has been opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home, ” reports  NBC . Instead, Pelosi “ started walking several feet back in the foyer toward the assailant and away from law enforcement. ”

In addition,   Pelosi plus attacker David DePape had been reportedly alone for half an hour .

Of note,   NBC News offers deleted the clip   off their Twitter feed plus scrubbed it  from their website.

In the mean time,   a neighbors living across from the Pelosis who was awake when the assault took place   didn’t hear an alarm or anything unusual .  

“ No, not a thing, and you know we were awake at that hour in the morning; my husband has been awake. We didn’t also hear sirens, ” neighbors Sally McNulty told  The Epoch Periods .

McNulty, who has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years, said everything was quiet throughout the time of the 2 a. m. attack on Oct. 28.

This is one of the quietest streets in the town , ” she said. “ You can hear a pin drop at night. ”

McNulty mentioned she doesn’t recall actually hearing the Pelosis’ security alarm go off in the past, though she has occasionally heard others within the neighborhood.

The lady said that Paul Pelosi got no enemies she knew of and was favorite.

Other neighbors declined to comment.

Marjorie Campbell, a former neighbor of the Pelosis for 10 years, told the Daily Mail she recalled fleets of black SUVs surrounding the house around the clock when she stayed there.

Everybody in the neighborhood has alarms on their windows, and if cup were smashed, an alarm would sound , the girl told the publication. Campbell recalled her computers getting scrambled by alleged safety measures to protect the congresswoman.

Nancy Pelosi was on her Pacific Heights home, the site of the attack, upon Nov. 2 while several dark SUVs were parked outside. Capitol Police had been present, too, as had been multiple San Francisco Police Division cars.

Paul Pelosi acquired surgery to address a head fracture and other injuries in the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Medical center and Trauma Center, right after 42-year-old  David DePape   allegedly broken his skull with a sludge hammer on Oct. 28.

DePape   pleaded not guilty   to an  attempted murder   charge during a brief appearance within San Francisco Superior Court upon Nov. 1 . -Epoch Moments

As  PJ Media   reports,

Pelosi’s failure to call to help or flee his home was  a detail in the court filing that previously raised a red flag to me,   and it seems that even NBC News finds it odd. “ Why Pelosi didn’t try to flee or tell reacting officers he was in stress is unclear, ” NBC News’s Miguel Almaguer noted.

Nevertheless, the particular report suggested it was unknown whether Pelosi was already injured or what mental state this individual was in.

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