December 2, 2022

Special: Ye Suspended From Tweets For Seven Days For Stating N-Word

Rapper recommended term ‘antisemite’ now used as pejorative like the N-word to smear black people who leave the political correctness plantation.

Ye, previously known as Kanye West, provides received a seven-day suspension system from Twitter over his use of the N-word, according to his conversation with Alex Jones.

Ye’s suspension reportedly occurred Fri after he tweeted, “ I’m starting to think no- Semitic means ni**er. ”

This may be the first time Twitter has ever censored the black person for saying the N-word.

Notably, Ye’s comment had not been an attack or insult provided to anybody, nor was this a call for violence. Even so, the tweet was taken down for “ violating the particular Twitter rules. ”

Ye was basically pointing out that the term “ antisemite” is now used as a new pejorative like the N-word to demonize blacks who left the political correctness plantation.

And for that, Kanye has become being censored.

Is Twitter’s new TOP DOG Elon Musk aware of this development?

It could likely Musk does not yet have full operational power over Twitter and its censorship mechanisms, but hopefully that will alter, and Ye’s account could be the litmus test.

Despite meeting with Musk this week over “ content moderation” concerns, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the premier pro-Israel lobbying group, ordered a global advertiser boycott of Musk’s Twitter on Friday for not doing enough to  censor Kanye “ Ye” West   and other critics of their power.

George Soros-linked advocacy groups have also been organizing advertising boycotts against Twitter following Musk’s acquisition of the social media system over concerns he’s not really doing enough to “ moderate content. ”

The censorship stress isn’t just coming from far-left dark money groups or corporations.

Recall that earlier this week, the degree of the warm relationship between the federal government and Big Tech companies was revealed in an in-depth piece by The Intercept outlining the systems by which the tech businesses censor content on the government’s behalf, a clear violation of the First Amendment.

First they came regarding Alex Jones. Then they arrived for President Donald Trump.

Now they are yet to come for Ye.

Pretty soon, they’ll arrive for you.

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