December 2, 2022

Movie: Kathy Hochul Supporter Chokes Female Protester at Campaign Stop

Assault occurred as Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) could be heard shouting in the history, “You can deny a good election like those people! And we say ‘hell no! ‘”

A female ally of Republican gubernatorial applicant Lee Zeldin (N. Y. ) was choked out there by a supporter of unelected Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) during a campaign rally on Saturday.

The incident, which happened outside of the Stonewall Inn within New York City during a campaign end for the unelected governor, displays an altercation between the opposing sides erupt, which culminated with a man choking the female Zeldin supporter.

While the assault was unfolding, Hochul could be heard in the background chastising Republicans for pushing back against COVID lockdowns and rigged polls.

“ You can deny science! You can refuse those who seek to vote! You can deny an political election like those individuals! And we say ‘ hell simply no! ‘” Hochul shouted.

“ Hell simply no! ” the crowd chanted back.

The man was reportedly not arrested for the assault.

The woman received medical care soon after the attack.

The particular race between Zeldin and Hochul is surprisingly shut given New York is a well blue state, with high crime being a driving factor.

In fact , Zeldin has actually taken the lead over Hochul forty eight. 4% to 47. 6%, according to a recent Trafalgar Group poll.

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