December 6, 2022

Hey Incoming Congress: Try These Three Simple Tricks to get a Successful Start – Ron Paul

An incoming Republican House and Senate could consider early steps to reassure their particular supporters that their votes weren’t wasted on Tweedledee vs . Tweedledum in Washington

Tomorrow will be election day and polls suggest that Americans are going to overturn Democratic Party control of the home and Senate. Politicians and the media always say that this is actually the most important election ever, yet all too often once the voting has ended and the smoke has cleared, not much changes. The Wa uni-party takes over and ensures the status quo is maintained.

It doesn’t have to be this way. An incoming Republican House and Senate, for example , could take early procedure for reassure their supporters that their votes weren’t squandered on Tweedledee vs . Tweedledum in Washington. Here are 3 suggestions to get things away from to a good start.

First, Republican Party Leadership must vow to finish the massive money faucet opened by the last Congress for Ukraine. By several estimates some $60 billion dollars dollars have been authorized intended for Ukraine to fight a proxy war between the US/NATO and Russia.

This would be a move strongly supported by the Republican foundation. A recent Wall Street Journal poll demonstrated that only 37 % of Republicans support delivering more US aid in order to Ukraine. Republican firebrand Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene said lately that under Republicans, not really another penny will go to Ukraine. While I am suspicious that her party leadership would support such a shift, it’s clear Republican voters would certainly.

Plus, closing this proxy war would certainly carry with it the benefit of reducing the dangerously high possibility of global nuclear war. That’s not a bad trade-off.

Second, Republicans can signal that they will de-fund the Section of Homeland Security. At that time this monstrosity was created, I actually said this on the House Floor:

“ The list of dangerous and unconstitutional powers granted towards the new Homeland Security division is lengthy. Warrantless queries, forced vaccinations of entire communities, federal neighborhood snitch programs, federal information databases, and a sinister new ‘ Information Awareness Office’ on the Pentagon that uses military intelligence to spy upon domestic citizens are just some of the troubling aspects of the new legislation. ”

Unfortunately all of these things came to pass… and more. As we recently discovered, the DHS has been colluding with social media companies to try and prevent Americans from being able to say or post views the government doesn’t want others to hear.

These people promised that a Department of Homeland Security would keep us safer, but there is nothing that makes us less safe than the destruction of our Cosmetic.

Finally, the 3rd task an incoming Republican House and Senate can take is maybe the easiest one: pass the Audit the Fed bill. Ten years ago the US House voted in a bipartisan manner to pass the Audit the Fed laws only to see it stall within the Senate. With Republican control of both houses of Congress there is no reason a broadly-supported bill to open the textbooks at the Federal Reserve cannot find its way to Chief executive Biden’s desk. We all support transparency, right?

Inflation is out of control plus causing real harm to the particular American middle class. The particular Biden Administration seems decided on lead us to a potentially life-ending war with Russian federation. The Department of Homeland Security has turned into a weapon mobilized against the American people and our Constitution.

A Republican-controlled House and Senate can actually do something to correct these problems and thus create us more safe and more totally free. Will they?

This article first appeared at RonPaulInstitute. org.

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