December 5, 2022

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Gaslights: ‘No Republican Running on Anti-Crime Policies’

In the mean time, MSNBC highlighted numerous His party candidates airing campaign advertisements specifically calling out higher crime due to Democrat plans.

MSNBC point Nicolle Wallace dismissed higher crime as a top problem in America, falsely claiming that will no Republican candidate is running on anti-crime plans.

“ Bashing Democrats about inflation doesn’t mean Republicans are promising to fix inflation. We haven’t seen one guarantee to fix it. And bashing Democrats about… I dunno, what else are they mad about? Crime, doesn’t mean they’re running– I have not seen a Republican marketing campaign rooted in ending crime, ” Wallace said upon “ The View” Mon.

Probably Wallace should tune directly into her own network, which shown a breakdown of numerous Republican applicants specifically addressing high crime and solutions to fix it in their campaign ads.

The Republican candidates particularly cite the Democrats’ “ defund the police ” initiatives and their ending money bail in a number of big cities as traveling factors of the rise in crime.

According to polling, high crime is a top concern for Americans going into the midterm elections.

But unfortunately for Democrats, most voters trust Republicans to solve the crime crisis.

The level of gaslighting coming from mainstream media numbers has become over-the-top ahead of the midterms.

For example , MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed that Americans didn’t understand what inflation was until Conservatives “ taught” the concept to them.

“ The only real people I ever listen to use the word inflation are usually journalists and economists. Therefore , that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk, ” Reid said Friday.

“ So , it is fascinating that Republicans are doing something which they don’t normally do, right? Which is not use the common tongue, not use just common English on their strategies like they do with criminal offense. ”

“ But what they’ve performed is they’ve taught people the word ‘ inflation. ‘ And most people [who] would have never utilized that word ever within their lives are using it now mainly because they’ve been taught it, ” she added.

Likewise, Joe Biden falsely claimed last month that gas cost $5 a gallon before he required office.

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