December 10, 2022

Twitter Fact Checks Joe Biden After He Accuses System of “Spewing Lies”

Think you need to provide more context Joe

For the second time in the space of a week, Twitter provides ‘ fact checked’ a post by the Biden Administration concerning gas prices.

Biden once again fell foul of Twitter’s ‘ Birdwatch’ system, using a post that read “ Right now, the most common price from gas stations across the country is $3. 19 per gallon. Gowns progress. ”

A note was added to the post, offering more framework from readers.

“ Biden is mentioning the ‘ most common gas price’ as opposed to the average gasoline price of $3. 800 (11/6/22). The most common is the ‘ mode’ gas price. Neither are wrong and politicians tend to reference the one that is lower. The mode diminishes high fuel states from the equation, ” the note reads.

The added context also provided links to the  American Automobile Association   site and a  Wsj article that lays out exactly what the particular mode and average gasoline prices are.

Nevertheless , at time of writing the very fact check now appears to have been withdrawn.

Others were not so… diplomatic in their reactions to Biden:

The Biden Management was previously flagged last week by Twitter’s Birdwatch system, that can be in effect since January 2021 but now seems to be being applied more frequently.

As we highlighted , the White House quickly deleted a tweet claiming seniors are to receive large Social Security increases right after Twitter placed a fact examine warning on it, noting that other readers had a few added “ context” to share.

Biden himself claimed on Friday that “ now what are we all worried about, Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that… spews lies all across the world. ”

Biden additional “ There’s no editors anymore in America. There’s no editors. How do we expect kids in order to understand what is at stake? ”

Musk, in the meantime, has officially announced the particular implementation of the $8 Blue Check plan that detractors, including Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez , were fretting regarding last week.

Musk has also made it very clear that impersonation on the platform, without clearly being notable as satire or parody, will not be tolerated, and that guidelines that were already in place will be enforced.

Some leftists, angry with Musk’s announcements, actively changed their names in order to ‘ Elon Musk’ plus their profile picture to suit Musk’s, then put out sarcastic tweets.

This particular resulted in their accounts being suspended:

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