December 2, 2022

A lot more Anomalies: Polling Hours Prolonged in PA County After Voting Machines Ran Out of Paper!

Individuals were TURNED AWAY from polls, according to reports.

A judge prolonged voting by two hrs in Luzerne County, Pa, due to delays caused by a document shortage in voting devices, according to reports.  

Judge Lesa S i9000. Gelb pushed the county’s voting deadline from almost eight to 10 pm according to a petition by election officials.

“ The constitutional right to vote requires an extension of the voting hours, ” said Gelb in a one-page order. “ Through no fault of their own, were disenfranchised and denied the fundamental right to vote. ”

The county’s machines were “ seriously deficient” once the officials had arrived at polling stations Tuesday, according to the selection officials that filed the extension petition.

“ Upon arriving at the polling locations to set up machines upon Election Day poll employees at the Luzerne County polling locations discovered that the voting machines were seriously lacking of paper to print out the ballot after the voter uses the machine to vote, ” explained the political election officials.

Additionally , it’s being reported that people were switched away on the polling stations in Luzerne County due to the lack of paper.

“ It was reported that individuals at the polling places within Luzerne County were being turned away earlier due to the lack of paper, ” said journalist Greg Price. “ If you were one of these individuals, you now have until 10 p. m. to cast your vote. ”


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