December 6, 2022

Major Interview Exposes The Left’s LGBT War On Children

American liberals have adopted an agenda that will ruin the lives of countless kids

Daily Cable host plus author Matt Walsh joined “ The Joe Rogan Experience” in an episode released Monday to talk about the liberal-led movement to indoctrinate children into their LGBT cult.

Walsh became a member of Rogan to discuss his latest documentary, What is a Woman? among other subjects.

During a single segment of the interview, Rogan told Walsh many liberals he knows actually believe hormone-blocking medications and sex surgeries actually help kids.

Regarding transgender children committing suicide, Walsh explained that medical employees will tell parents they need to accept their child is modifying gender or else they’ll possibly kill themselves.

Many parents don’t know what to do and panic, because “ they’ve been told by a psychological health provider who they will trust that if they don’t go with their child’s delusion that their child’s going to dedicate suicide, ” he said.

However , Walsh pointed out that the only long-term study on suicides and transgender surgeries revealed suicidality could be the highest years after moving.

At one particular point, Rogan told Walsh he’s been approached regarding What is a Female? by various people.

“ Your documentary is… Constantly tell you how many people have asked me if I’ve noticed it. I think it’s probably the most eye-opening things that’s have you been done on this whole sex confusion thing that wish going through in this country, ” he said.

He also commended Walsh for not pushing back around the people interviewed in the documentary as it allowed them to speak the way they would around individuals they trust.

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