November 26, 2022

Media reporter Asking About Child Trans Surgeries Assaulted by Braindead Beto Bullies, Flashed simply by Post-Top Surgery Transgender

‘I was then flashed with a trans Beto supporter, ‘ says journalist Tayler Hansen.

Supporters of Texas Liberal Robert Francis O’Rourke, AKA “ Beto, ” originated on a reporter who attemptedto ask about the long-shot gubernatorial candidate’s support of trans surgeries for minors.

Attending the Sunday rally for Beto in Denton, Texas, reporter Taylor Hansen was able to obtain close enough to shout a question at him, requesting specifically if he would “ disavow trans surgeries meant for minors? ”

The incident happens across the 20: 44 timestamp within the following video:

“ This really is part of the fear and the hate that we’re talking about right this moment, ” Beto disingenuously informed rally goers of Hansen. “ You have somebody who desires you to be scared of transgender Texans right now to distract from the issues that we really care about. ”

Right after his question, Hansen started getting shoved out of the masses by butt-hurt liberal bullies, while he pleaded using them, “ Don’t touch me personally man, don’t touch myself. ”

Upon exiting the crowd Hansen was grotesquely confronted by a female Beto supporter lifting her shirt to show stitched-up marks and proclaiming she’d acquired trans top surgery.

“ I flipped 18 two months ago and got my tits chopped off– Get the *** away ***, ” the trans person shouted at Hansen.

Hansen also attempted to confront Beto at another rally at a Dallas homosexual club a week ago, where he was also assaulted from the Democrat’s loving and tolerant liberal supporters.

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