December 6, 2022

‘Tyrant’ Cop Arrests Blind Man Carrying Cane That ‘Looked Like A Gun’

Officials abused rights of citizen by forcing him to show ID despite no suspicion of crime

The particular Columbia County Sheriff’s Workplace in Florida is below fire after officer bodycam footage was launched showing a couple of cops abusing the constitutional rights of a visually-impaired resident.

The particular incident began on Oct 31, 2022, when James Hodge was stopped with a sheriff’s deputy while walking down the sidewalk.

When the officer asked Hodges what he was holding in his back pocket, he responded, “ It’s a navigational aide. What’s the problem, have you been a tyrant? ”

Instead of apologizing to the man and informing him she thought he may have had a firearm in his pocket, the officer responded, “ Ya, I am actually. Exactly what is your date of birth? ”

Proving to be more knowledgeable upon citizen’s rights than the deputy, Mr. Hodge told the officer, “ I don’t have to give that… Do you have reasonable, articulated suspicion? ”

The Columbia County Sheriff explained to Hodge that she suspected he has been carrying a gun and told him, “ You don’t have to become a dick to me. ”

At this point, Hodge pulled his collapsable walking stand out of his pocket and held it for the official to see, saying, “ Well, you’re being one to me. ”

The deputy then told the particular citizen he was being jailed and had him talk with her supervisor who was also for the scene.

After the situation was explained to your pet, the supervising officer defended his colleague and handcuffed Hodge for refusing to provide identification.

The citizen told the deputies, “ You are not allowed to search me, ” but they nevertheless rummaged through his wallets.

While these people waited to illegally run the man’s license with regard to warrants, the supervising official asked Hodges if he or she is legally blind and he described that he was and he was out and about to serve court duty that morning.

The officer asked why he wasn’t using his walking stick plus Hodge said he failed to have to use it all the time.

Next, the first officer on the scene sarcastically questioned Hodge, “ Was that that hard? ” and the resident responded, “ It’s going to be, I want your title and badge number. ”

While this ask for is well within Hodge’s rights, the supervising officer responded by telling the other deputy, “ You know what? Put him in jail intended for resisting. ”

The first sheriff’s deputy then took Hodge and put your pet in the back of her squad vehicle despite footage clearly displaying he never resisted.

The Columbia Region Sheriff’s Office issued the statement Monday, reading, “ We are aware of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office body camera video involving the criminal arrest of Mr. James Hodges on October 31, 2022. Sheriff Seeker is troubled by what they have seen in the video and the issue is being addressed. An administrative investigation had been initiated on November several, 2022 when the incident was brought to our attention. If policy violations are suffered at the conclusion of that investigation, appropriate action will be taken. Whilst we understand the frustration plus concern associated with this event, please know we are working to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. ”

See the full bodycam video clip below:

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