December 5, 2022

View: Whitmer Interview Goes Wrong When Reporter Asks About ‘Handling of Pandemic’

Democrat gubernatorial incumbent blamed technical complications after failing to respond in order to question on pandemic accidents.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) blamed technical difficulties after she evaded something by local reporters about her pandemic blunders.

The job interview was barely getting kicked off Monday when Fox 2 Detroit anchors dove right in with a hardball question, asking Whitmer in the event that she had any misgivings over her atrocious insurance policies during the pandemic.

“ Chief excutive, when it comes to your handling of the pandemic, we all know the critics over the past few years. Do you have any kind of regrets? ” asked Fox 2 anchor Josh Landon.

Rather than reply, however , Whitmer, who was beaming before the question was presented, stared at the camera plus began fidgeting with her earpiece, ignoring the question.

She after that looked off-screen as somebody whispered at her.

“ Did I actually do that when I touched the environment[pod] thing? ” Whitmer asked the person off-screen, who replied, “ That it is okay. ”

The technical difficulty ended up derailing the entire interview, as Landon said he would come back with the governor later.

The Democrat governor’s pandemic errors have come returning to bite her in recent months as Republican gubernatorial opponent Tudor Dixon has used these to make political gains against her.

Throughout a debate last month, Dixon highlighted how Whitmer’s tyrannical lockdown measures kept children out of schools, kept parishioners out of churches, forced many businesses to close straight down, and stuffed sick sufferers into nursing homes to die.

While is actually unclear if she was really unable to hear the question, provided her terrible record on the topic, who could blame Whitmer if she do in fact pretend to have a specialized mishap in order to avoid answering?

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