December 6, 2022

Analysts Raise Alarm: Election ‘Wholly Manufactured by Langley’

When was the election stolen? In the voting machines? Or much previously, when we surrendered our hearts & minds to popular media?

Whilst Americans endure a horrible economy, reckless wars, attacks in the family, record crime, and historical political corruption, they got to see the party in power thrive in an selection.

Experts across the nation are now raising alarm over how this could have happened, some heading so far as saying last night experienced “ wholly manufactured” simply by Langley.

“ It seriously feels like we have been watching the first wholly manufactured election in our history, in which all of the key competitive competitions have had the results directly designed by Langley, ” said Publius 2 . 0′ inside a guest post on The Gateway Pundit . “[Despite all of what Americans are currently suffering], the particular Democrat monolith is hardly dented. ”

“ Either the country has large claims filled with brainwashed zealots that are too stupid and mindless to comprehend the reality of the group damage they are ratifying with votes for at best lackluster at worst appallingly unimpressive if not foolish candidates…. or even we are seeing direct black box voting manipulation.  

Final tabulations are being perpetrated on a scale that makes typical ballot and voter fraud schemes unnecessary anachronisms as the decisive votes that have now kept the judgment junta largely intact. From worst they are literal fabrications piled onto Democrat election totals by a few keystrokes entered in some master election hacking operation run by intelligence community criminals in a league with and part of the Democrat Crime Syndicate. ”

Indeed, yesterday’s voting atmosphere was rife with anomalies and irregularities related to voting machines, in incidents that thoroughly vindicate Mike Lindell’s warnings since 2020.

But maybe Publius’ initial point on “ brainwashed” Americans is right. Does the Deep State REALLY need to straight manipulate the voting process in such a high-tech, sophisticated manner?  

Don’t have they already programmed the values of the masses & primed their sentiments in a fashion that can only be described as thoughts control?

Perhaps a more unsettling takeaway at the soul of our country is that Americans with values that align with what was considered “ normal” a few years ago are vastly outnumbered by people who are fine along with things like: illegals benefiting from our Bill of Rights, moms and dads OK with their daughters getting thrashed by boys in sports, and biometric tyranny under the guise of security, to name a few.

In a series of tweets, podcaster Scott Greer illustrates just how popular values translate to voting:  

It’s quite clear that the political messages of previous generations is not doing the trick anymore. Continuing to move forward, more and more people are beginning to see what earning political victories will need.

“ Politics is about rewarding friends plus punishing enemies, ” said columnist Auron MacIntyre. “ If we’re still working under the illusion that our strategy is all about compelling arguments in the market of ideas and that doesn’t map onto reality it’s time to find a new design. ”

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