December 5, 2022

Biden: Elon Musk’s Relationships With Other Countries ‘Worth Being Looked At’ As Possible ‘Threat to National Security’

Liberal attacks on new Twitter CEO carry on

Within the heels of Tuesday’s midterm elections, Joe Biden shipped a dull speech towards the American people and got a couple of pre-selected questions from your press.

When a reporter asked Biden if Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter “ is a threat in order to U. S. national security” and whether he needs to be investigated for going into company “ with the Saudis. ”

“ I think that Elon Musk’s cooperation and or technical romantic relationships with other countries is worth being looked at, ” this individual answered. “ Whether or not he could be doing anything inappropriate, Now i am not suggesting that, I’m suggesting that at most severe it being looked at. That is certainly all I’ll say. There are several ways… umm, alright. ”

Despite the United States authorities trusting Musk enough to employ him as a top service provider, Biden all but admitted the purchase of Twitter may present a thorn in the side of the establishment as they try to retain control of the flow of information.

Another reporter asked Biden what he will do differently in the last two years of his term in order to change the public’s poor outlook on the path of the country.

In a worrying response, Biden said, “ Nothing! ”

The particular dementia-ridden Democrat was caught again experiencing a major human brain fart during the press conference as well.

In a strange occurrence, Biden admitted he had been “ provided a list of ten people” in order to call on.

It appears as if Biden will require the lack of a “ reddish colored wave” as an omen to carry on pushing the nation down the destructive road it’s currently on.

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