December 9, 2022

CNN Exit Polls: Democrats Ready for DEVASTATING Midterm Loss

Polls show voters are putting the Biden administration’s disastrous performance over the last 2 yrs up for a referendum.

Exit polls executed by CNN Tuesday demonstrated voters are putting the particular Biden administration’s disastrous performance over the last two years up for a referendum.

In polls covered by the fake news cable system, voters told CNN these people far from happy with “ the way in which things are going in the US, ” with 39% saying she or he is “ dissatisfied, ” whilst 34% said they’re absolutely “ angry. ”

Another poll showed 54% of voters “ disapprove” of Biden’s performance, with 46% saying his guidelines are “ hurting” the nation.

According to CNN polling, 58% of voters said they’re experiencing “ reasonable hardship” in their households due to inflation, with another 20% describing their hardship as “ severe. ”

Asked what they think about the condition of the nation’s economy, an astonishing 39% said it’s “ poor, ” with one more 36% answering “ not so good. ”

As expected, high gas prices were an issue for voters according to CNN polling.

Republican voters told CNN inflation was their own top issue, while Dems were more concerned with illigal baby killing. Despite the mainstream media frequently claiming “ democracy” was up for a vote, this did not show up in Democrats’ top issues.

CNN tried to reconcile the fact “ democracy” was notably missing from voters’ top problems.

The particular exit polls are a damning sign for Dems plus a good indication a red wave very much could be in the making as Election Day winds down.

Here are some more CNN exit forms, courtesy of Townhall:

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