December 10, 2022

Mark Fetterman, Brain-Damaged Stroke Target, Declared Victor in Pennsylvania Senate Race

Dr . Oz defeated.

John Fetterman, the brain-damaged heart stroke victim who needs a personal computer spitting out closed captions to understand speech and challenges to speak in full sentences, was declared victor in Pennsylvania’s Senate selection late Tuesday night.

Fetterman has been said to have defeated Mehmet Cengiz Oz, a Turkish Muslim  who promoted kid sex changes   on his long-running daytime Television show, who Republicans put forward because their candidate.

Fetterman will join demented White-colored House resident Joe Biden as an excellent representative of the particular Democratic Party and a display of the success of “ election fortification” and media propaganda.

Soros-funded Attorney General Josh Shapiro   was also declared victor over Doug Mastriano within the race for governor.

Despite most polls predicting a “ red wave” ahead of Tuesday, the election  has been instead a “ red mirage”   along with Republicans on net predicted to lose at least one seat within the Senate and gain only a handful of seats in the House.

The Republican establishment’s  decision to prioritize “ diversity” in their picks for whose campaigns to aid to avoid the GOP getting perceived as a white celebration   appears to have been the colossal failure.

Despite out of control inflation, surging crime, open borders, trans-lunacy and Biden’s wild unpopularity, they’re struggling just to get back the House.

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