December 10, 2022

RESIDE Marathon Election Coverage! Tune In for BREAKING Midterm News NOW

Tonight’s EXPLOSIVE special, commercial-lite coverage of the midterms will be hosted by Alex Jones, special guests & goes all the way to 2 was & beyond!

Infowars offers officially launched our special Election Day (and night) coverage of the most critical midterms in our nation’s history!

The LIVE Election protection can be viewed below:

This extended broadcast started Tuesday at 8 are CST and will go on till Wednesday at 2 feel CST!

With 6 pm, hosts Owen Shroyer and Harrison Jones kick off the extended transmitted.

Alex Jones will then enter the arena in 6: 30 pm and will also be joined by an outfit of MAJOR guests including Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Darren Beattie, Robert Barnes, Tyler Nixon, Patrick Howley, Jaimee Mitchell, David Icke, & Ali Alexander!

Alternative live-streams:


Comfy: Click HERE

Check out tonight’s schedule below:

6 pm CST: Owen Shroyer and Harrison Smith begin the special broadcast.

6: 30 pm CST: Alex Jones takes over along with special guests & YOUR calls.

Then, after 7 or 7: 30 pm, special visitors like Steve Bannon, Robert Barnes, Ali Alexander, and the others mentioned above will play and out of the broadcast in order to news as it happens!

Bookmark this site for updates! Tune in & share this link!

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