November 26, 2022

The WEF’s Stakeholder Capitalism Is simply Global Fascism By Another Name

Globalists view corporations like a tool for the eventual transition to a socialist “Utopia” and the death of free markets.

The concept of “ fascism” was originally created the Encyclopedia Italiana by Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile, who stated that “ Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism since it is a merger of state and corporate power. ”

Benito Mussolini would later on take credit for the quote as if he had written it himself, but it’s important to note because it outlines the primary reason for the ideology rather than basically throwing the label around at people we can’t stand as a dishonest means to weaken their legitimacy.

Despite the fact that leftists today frequently attack conservatives as “ fascists” because of our wish to protect national boundaries plus western heritage, the truth is that fascism is deeply rooted in leftist philosophies and thinkers.

Mussolini was a long time socialist, a member of the party who greatly admired Karl Marx. This individual deviated from the socialists over their desire to remain natural during WWI, and continued to champion a combination of socialism and nationalism, what we at this point know as fascism. Adolph Hitler was also a socialist and admirer of Karl Marx, much like Mussolini. It is actually hard to find where Marx, the communists and the fascists in fact differ from each other – A deeper sense of nationalism seems to be one of the few points of contention.

Even though Marx saw the existence of nation states as temporary to the proletariat and to the judgment class, he noted that this industrialists were erasing nationwide boundaries anyway. Marx argues in the Communist Manifesto which includes optimism:

“ National differences and antagonisms between peoples are already tending to disappear more and more, due to the development of the bourgeoisie, the particular growth of free trade and a world market, and the growing uniformity of industrial processes along with corresponding conditions of lifetime. ”

Marx saw the development of corporate power as useful and the next  necessary stage towards socialism , noting that joint-stock companies (corporations) and the credit system are:

The abolition of the capitalist mode of production within the capitalist mode of creation itself. ”

In other words, corporations are viewed as a tool for the ultimate transition to a socialist “ Utopia” and the death of free markets. Once again, we observe there is very little difference within motive between the political remaining and the fascists. The organic progression of every form of Marxism, communism, socialism, fascism and so forth all ultimately lead to a kind of globalist ideology and chafing of cultural separation. The techniques might differ slightly but the end result is the same. Some think this is a good thing, but it is actually quite poisonous.

Globalism requires an overarching social dynamic, just one hive mind, otherwise this cannot survive. If individuals have the ability to choose or generate better options (or various options) for living then globalism loses significance. The presence of choice has to be erased. This can be a behavior that the political left has fully embraced and they are more than happy to work hand-in-hand along with corporate oligarchs to make their particular ideal system a reality. Long gone are the days of the anti-corporate progressive – They REALLY LIKE corporate dominance, but only when those companies promote plus enforce leftist models designed for society.

Mussolini’s fascism is at the root of the very corporate governance that leftists applaud and lust after today. They have far more in keeping with fascists than they will realize.

The new fascism is a re-branded viewpoint best represented by some thing called “ Stakeholder Capitalism. ” It is a term often used by globalists at the Globe Economic Forum and the head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab. The media friendly  definition of Stakeholder Capitalism   is:

A form of capitalism in which companies do not only improve short-term profits for shareholders, but seek long term worth creation, by taking into account the requirements of all their stakeholders, plus society at large.

But who are “ all stakeholders” in the opinion of the WEF?

Well, according to Klaus Schwab they are all of human civilization, now and in the future. Quite simply, the goal of SHC is for corporate leaders and globalist paperwork to take responsibility for the entire planet, not just their own employees, investors and profits. And such frontrunners would not be acting since individuals, they would be performing as a collective. In other words, SHC requires all major corporations to act as a single unit with a single purpose plus a unified collectivist ideology – An ideological monopoly.

Since Klaus Schwab states:

The most crucial characteristic of the stakeholder model today is that the stakes of our own system are now more obviously global. Economies, societies, as well as the environment are more closely connected to each other now than 50 years ago. The model we present here is therefore fundamentally global in nature, and the two primary stakeholders are as well.

… What was once seen as externalities in nationwide economic policy making and individual corporate decision making will now need to be incorporated or internalized in the operations of every government, company, community, and person. The planet is thus the center of the global economic system, and its wellness should be optimized in the decisions made by all other stakeholders. ”

The particular SHC concept is deceitful on its very face because it pretends as if companies will be held accountable by the public within some form of “ business democracy, ” as though the public will have a election on what the corporations perform. In reality, it will be corporations telling the public what is acceptable to think and do and corporations in conjunction with governments using their power to reprimand people who do not agree.

The great magic trick is that these same unified corporations use the shield of “ private property” and business rights as a means to control culture without repercussions. After all, a primary principle of conservatism as well as the US constitution is private property rights. So , walking in to disrupt corporate governance would be violating one of our own beloved ideals. It sounds like a Catch-22, but it’s really not.

As mentioned over, corporations are at their very core a socialist concept: They are created through government charter, handed legal personhood and given special protections from government. They are NOT free market entities, and Adam Smith, the originator on most free market ideals, stood against corporations as damaging and prone to monopoly.

As long as they receive protections from government including monetary stimulus and bailouts, corporations should not enjoy the exact same private property protections as regular businesses do. They are parasitic creations, alien to the natural business world. In a freedom-based society they would be disassembled to prevent authoritarian outcomes.

Shareholder Capitalism can also be an incredibly arrogant premise because it assumes that corporate commanders have the wisdom or objective intelligence to expand their role beyond business and into social and political spheres. This has already happened in many respects with much chaos created, but open up corporate governance is the end game and it is anything but objective or benevolent.

What are some examples of this type of corporate/political governance (fascism) in action?

How about Huge Tech social media censorship leaning HEAVILY against conservatives plus liberty activists? How about proof of collusion between Big Tech companies and government, such as the Biden Administration and the DHS  working closely along with Twitter   plus Facebook to actively eliminate voices and viewpoints they will not like? How about corporate frontrunners colluding to destroy conservative based social media competitors like Parler?

What about ESG loans  funded by corporate backers   such as Blackrock or globalist non-profits like the Rockefeller Foundation?

If all corporate lenders used ESG to their loan procedures, all individuals and businesses would have to adopt leftist social ideologies and dubious environment claims in order to have access to credit. ESG is a monetary motivation created by corporate elites to help keep all other businesses in line. If this continues, ESG could eliminate political opposition to globalism in the span of a single generation.

Plus, what about the  Council For Inclusive Capitalism ? This is the most blatant appearance of open global fascism I have ever seen, along with money elites and politicians  working in concert   with the UN and even religious leaders like Pope Francis. Their goal would be to institute a single centralized world governing platform built around the same agendas outlined in ESG and SHC, making corporations members of a brand new global council which they make reference to as “ The Adults. ” They aren’t even trying to hide the conspiracy theory anymore, it’s right away in the open.

Klaus Schwab takes special treatment to mention often that global crisis events  would be the “ opportunity”   that is needed to push the general public into the arms of Stakeholder Capitalism through a nexus point called “ The Great Totally reset. ” Meaning, he considers that widespread fear and desperation must exist (or be engineered) to perpetuate the SHC framework quickly.

Obviously, the particular globalists are on a diminishing timeline, though it’s hard to say why. They are ripping off the mask faster in past times two years than they have in the last decade. More than likely they understand to some degree that if they go not fast enough the public will have time to install a defense against all of them.

They will conjure all kinds of distractions and scapegoats to prevent liberty minded individuals from hitting them back again. They’ll aim us at Russian federation, they’ll aim us at Cina, they’ll aim us at useful idiots among the leftists. They will aim Russia, China as well as the leftists at us. They will try to send us in order to war, they will call us insurrectionists, they will call us terrorists, they will say we started the whole collapse and that we are to blame for the world’s ills. Nothing of this matters. What matters is that the globalists at the top pay out the price for the harm they cause.

Once the head of the snake will be removed, only then can we sort out who is to blame; who were the heroes, who were the villains, and who had been the idiots. Only then can we rebuild along with true freedom in mind.

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