December 2, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Have Conditioned Americans to ‘Passively Accept’ ‘Election Theft’

Democrats force Americans to accept crumby elections under the threat of civil war, and now these kinds of are openly admitting it

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Democrats have conditioned Americans to “ passively accept” election theft under the threat of a civil war, using their media apparatus to assist drive fear into voters who think about asking too many questions.

Tucker Carlson predicted within the eve of the midterms that this Democrats would use ballot box chaos to grab elections and demonstrated exactly how, alongside their associated works in mockingbird media, they may conditioning Americans to accept this.

“ Democrats absolutely cannot lose the midterm elections, ” Carlson tweeted. “ And with that in mind, they’re already preparing us for election fraud, which if you don’t want a city war, you must passively take. ”

Within the tweet was a  Tucker Carlson Tonight portion   that aired on Fox News simply ahead of the midterms. In the segment, Carlson used corporate media’s own reporting to show their particular dramatic shift on the life of serious, widespread election integrity issues.

After lambasting Americans exactly who called the 2020 Presidential Political election into question and even demanding their arrest, publications such as Politico are now reporting around the massive integrity issues with America’s elections and electronic voting equipment.

“ Electronic voting machines, Politico told us, are in fact quickly hacked and manipulated, ” said Carlson. “ Which explains why real countries like France have banned them plus use paper ballots rather. ”

But that’s just the way it really is, corporate media tells the particular American people.

“ If we don’t remove freedom of speech on this country and impose a lot more censorship to fight disinformation, voters might try to choose out of the current utopia, ” Carlson said in the section, citing a recent Guardian document that claimed if Us citizens don’t accept the Democrats’ will and their shady election practices, “ we’re going have a civil war. ”

As Americans have discovered since the polls closed upon Tuesday, Carlson’s predictions were spot on, and the election problems now admitted to from the Democrat media complex reared their head once more.

While the delayed tabulation of blue county early votes swung the results for that Democrat in Virginia’s seventh District, voters in Az were turned away from the polls, while serious digital voting issues were reported in Pennsylvania’s Delaware County.

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