November 26, 2022

Mystery: Independent Candidate Sees twenty, 000 Votes VANISH Overnight

Self-employed candidate Diane Sare, who had been challenging Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), noticed she dropped over 20, 000 votes between Tuesday night plus Wednesday morning.

An independent candidate working for US Senate in Ny mysteriously saw thousands of ballots vanish from her vote tally overnight.

Posting screenshots obtained from Google’s election widget, LaRouche candidate Diane Sare, who was challenging Democrat incumbent Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), noticed she lost over twenty, 000 votes between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

“ Last night I had over 55k votes and by this morning, less than 30k, ” Sare tweeted, with vote counts showing a drop through 50, 408 to twenty nine, 954.

Sample ballot image courtesy of sareforsenate. com

As of writing Thursday, Sare’s vote total stood from 27, 904, according to Google – two thousand votes less than when Sare got her screenshot.

While the reasons behind Sare’s vote tally discrepancies are unknown, customers on Twitter pointed towards the phenomenon as evidence of voter fraud, with some providing their very own examples of bizarre anomalies within New York.

One New York voter whom said they cast their vote for Sare mentioned the blatant evidence of voter fraud made them feel disenfranchised.

At any rate, the unexplained variation in vote totals does absolutely nothing to inspire confidence in the US electoral system and straight contradicts Joe Biden’s claims Wednesday that Election Time was a “ good day” for democracy.

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