December 10, 2022

Pennsylvania Election Official ILLEGALLY Asks Journalist to ‘Vote Democrat’ in Polling Location

Project Veritas uncovers Liberal crimes in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Project Veritas released undercover video Tuesday night of the Pennsylvania poll worker unlawfully asking a journalist appearing as a voter to “ vote Democrat” down the ballot in Philadelphia.

“ I inquired you to vote the Rep – I mean the Liberal down ballot, ” stated poll worker Christie Yg.

“ So you think I should vote Democrat down ballot, too? ” the PV reporter asked.

“ I mean, this is how I choose. I choose Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat. I don’t bother with Republican because they’re the Trump people, ” Yang replied.

“ But if you want the Liberal win, you must focus – if we all focus on Democrat then we can win. Mainly because we’re trying to focus on, if the Democrats win, then at least they represent us, ” she added.

This comes shortly after Task Veritas captured similar video of a poll worker illegally electioneering in favor of Democrat candidates at a Philadelphia polling place as midterm voting results were still coming in Tuesday evening.

Democrats David Fetterman and Josh Shapiro declared victory in Pa Tuesday night.

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