December 10, 2022

Smashing: Judge Orders Alex Jones to Pay Additional $473 Mil On Top Of Last Month’s $1 Billion Verdict

Attorneys for the families last month attempted to ask judge to get $2. 75 trillion within punitive damages.

Alex Jones has been ordered to pay for a staggering $473 million in punitive damages to the groups of Sandy Hook victims, besides the $975 million in compensatory damages ordered last month.

The latest judgment brings the total owed by Jones to $1. 44 billion dollars.

“ The record clearly supports the plaintiffs’ argument the defendants’ conduct was deliberate and malicious, and certain to cause harm simply by virtue of their infrastructure, ability to spread content, and massive audience including the ï nfowarriors, ” Judge Barbara Bellis wrote in her judgment, according to the Associated Press .

Lawyers for your families in October attempted to ask the judge for any $2. seventy five trillion punitive damages judgment arguing just “ the highest possible punitive damages” would stop Jones through harming the families.

At the time, Bloomberg Information reported :

“ The families mentioned they’re entitled to the amount since Jones broke a state legislation barring the sale of items using false statements. They will reached the sum by multiplying the state law’s $5, 000 per-violation fine with the 550 million social media exposures Jones’s audience received in the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts in the three years carrying out a school shooting that stated the lives of 20 first graders and 6 educators in 2012. ”

This is a breaking story… More on this as it develops…

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