December 6, 2022

UK Man Sent To PRISON To get 6 Months For Serving Snacks At Club During Lockdown

Judge in the case reported his “anti-establishment” attitude like a factor

A 72-year-old man has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for the crime of serving mince pies with wine at his shooting club in 2020 while the area was under a lockdown.

The BBC reviews that “ Maurice Snelling broke rate three restrictions at Cloudside Shooting Grounds in 2020, ” by allowing people to sit in at his premises rather than take away.

Mr Snelling pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, but argued that will his club was in the where restrictions stated website visitors could sit inside and consume drinks if they had been accompanied by food.

The judge presiding over the case was not convinced, nevertheless , and said “ I actually find it hard to believe that Mr Snelling didn’t know which lockdown tier he is at. ”

Police disrupted the gatherings at the time after residents in the area reported Snelling.

He or she reportedly refused to provide police CCTV from the club and allegedly attempted to have the footage destroyed, prompting the service provider company hosting it on a hard drive to hand it over to authorities.

The particular lawyer representing Snelling told the BBC that he has suffered ill health since the situation began and “ This has tarnished his reputation. He or she believed he was targeted by neighbours and this developed resentment of a man along with good character. ”

The report also notes that the Judge believed Snelling to be “ anti-establishment, especially to the police. He doesn’t like being told what to do. He treated police with resentment. ”

During the lockdown periods in the UK there were scores of reports of people refusing to go along with the restrictions and being reported to the police by neighbours. Several incidences were clearly innocent and involved people sitting alone in their cars or out walking alone. Others trying to get to operate or shop in supermarkets were regularly harassed by police.

In one incident, Law enforcement in the UK imprisoned a man for handing out free soup in order to homeless people in a recreation area, claiming that he had broken COVID-19 restrictions.

Meanwhile, the British government was literally holding parties in Downing Street.

The evidence is now overwhelming that lockdowns did next to nothing to stop the spread of COVID, but did have monumental negative social and health impacts.

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