December 5, 2022

Cringe: NY Gov Kathy Hochul Dances Maskless with Disguised Children in Puerto Vasto

Oblivious to the hypocrisy, an unmasked Hochul had been filmed dancing with disguised Puerto Rican children Thursday.

Newly-elected Democrat Nyc Governor Kathy Hochul acquired no shame visiting Puerto Rico and meeting with lots of children wearing face face masks, while she herself did not wear one.

Oblivious to the hypocrisy, Hochul was filmed dancing with masked Puerto Rican children Thursday as the girl attended the Somos Puerto Rico conference in San Juan.

Evidently unacquainted with the awkward contrast, Hochul even made a Tweets post where she’s trembling hands with one masked child, along with a second photograph of her meeting an additional child who had her mask pulled down below her chin, again showing Hochul knows the facial coverings are utterly worthless.

The images are illustrative of the backwards “ perform as I say, not as I actually do” attitude espoused by totalitarian leftists amid the particular Covid pandemic, and is the foreshadowing of what’s ahead for New Yorkers over the following four years.

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