December 6, 2022

Here We Go Again: Democrats Renew Push To Drive COVID Mask-Wearing As Winter season Nears

With midterms (mostly) over, health officials within US, Canada, Australia, and Europe are calling for people to resume wearing face masks to prevent new COVID surge.

Globalists in america, Canada, Australia and Europe are renewing calls for cover up mandates now that the midterms are (mostly) over.

The Facilities for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has begun recommending wearing masks indoors once again in at least five Ny counties.

In the website :

Wear a mask inside in public and on  public transportation . Stay  up to date   along with COVID-19 vaccines.   Get tested   if you have symptoms. If you are at  high risk for serious illness , consider taking  additional precautions .

Likewise, Los Angeles County health officials are also issuing mask guidelines , claiming that two new COVID variants are harmful to fuel another surge as winter nears.

“ Many are predicting these strains, which are extremely transmissible, are likely to drive a boost in cases this fall plus winter, ” said UNA County health official Barbara Ferrar, suggesting that people ought to take the “ bivalent” COVID booster.

Within Canada, advocacy groups like Ontario School Safety as well as others are phoning for mask mandates for children before a predicted winter uptick of COVID cases.

“ We have it, we understand why maybe you could have stopped masking, we understand the pressures to want to get back to what we call normal, ” she said. “ We want Ontario open for company, open for learning. ”

But she added that with hiding, ventilation and hand cleaning, “ we can keep issues open, that we can continue with our activities and keep our kids in their sports and their own clubs and keep them at school where they need to be. Everyone agrees — kids are best in school. ”

In Australia, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warned that residents should brace for a “ fourth wave” by masking and taking booster pictures.

“ Your fourth wave that we have been expecting, now, we believe, has arrived but no one should be concerned, ” she told parliament on Thursday.

“ We’ve been living with this virus for a long time, and Queenslanders know what to perform. ”

Teacher Adrian Esterman,   chair of biostatistics and epidemiology at the University or college of South Australia, echoed her call.

“ The onus has become on the other states and territories to follow Queensland’s prospect and upgrade their health advice, and if necessary, reimpose some public health procedures, like face mask advice, ” he said.

“ Surely, mandating face masks on public transportation is not that difficult. ”

Discussions in Germany , Spain , the UK , plus elsewhere have also been underway within recent weeks about whether or not to reimpose mask mandates ahead of the coming winter.

The renewed demands for masking are completely unwarranted given numerous studies have found them to be ineffective at preventing the transmitting of COVID-19.

Not only that, but it was typical knowledge that children hated being forced to wear the masks .

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