December 9, 2022

Trump Set to Ignore GOP Tips to Delay Presidential Statement

Announcement set for 9pm Tuesday at Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump is set to ignore GOP recommendation to hold off on announcing his presidential candidacy till after a Georgia runoff political election that could potentially decide the Senate, with the announcement now expected on Tuesday.

Trump provides reportedly been itching in order to announce his comeback operate for months, but Republican leadership insisted that he hold off until after the mid-terms.

Now Trump has revealed he will make a special announcement at 9pm EST from his Mar-a-Lago home next week.

During a rally last Monday, Trump indicated he would make the announcement these week, although with last election results in several claims not expected for days, that will not happen.

The Georgia run off is planned to take place on December 6 and could determine who handles the Senate, depending on the leads to Nevada and Arizona, where votes are still being measured.

There was speculation as far back as June that Trump was about to announce his candidacy, claims that were bolstered when an unlisted video discovered on YouTube showing the former president’s plane getting a new color job.

Nevertheless , with some of the candidates Trump endorsed underperforming, more Republicans are now aligning behind California Governor Ron DeSantis, even though DeSantis would have an uphill struggle defeating Trump within the primaries.

Trump has now “ announced war” on DeSantis based on media reports, accusing him of “ playing games” and manipulating the press.

“ NewsCorp, which is Fox, the Wsj, and the no longer great New York Post, is all in for Governor Ron DeSanctimonious, an average CONSERVATIVE Governor with great Public Relations, ” wrote Trump in an email to supporters.

Fox News taken care of immediately the mid-term results, exactly where DeSantis crushed his opposition in Florida but the wider “ red wave” did not materialize, by running a good op-ed titled ‘ Ron DeSantis is the new Conservative Party leader’.

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