December 10, 2022

VIDEO: Eisenhower’s Forgotten Warning with Author Kent Heckenlively

Corporate powers have “psychologically manipulated” the left into becoming pro-war and pro-Big Government, a complete change from the 1970s.

Author Kent Heckenlively joins The Alex Jones Show to break down Eisenhower’s caution to the American people about the Military Industrial Complex.

“ The corporate powers have psychologically manipulated the left to believe something that 40 years ago would’ve been completely anathema to the left, ” he told Jones upon Friday, referring to the left’s fervent support of war in Ukraine.

“ We consider myself a child of the late 1970s where you could end up being anti-Big Business, anti-Big Army, anti-Big Intelligence, anti-Big Government, and it seemed like those were liberal positions in the past due 1970s, ” he explained.

“ And it’s really kind of strange to me just how it’s flipped, and now instantly I’m a right-winger exactly where if you went back to the 1972s I would be kind of on the liberal side, ” he added.

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