December 6, 2022

View: Alex Jones Raises Alarm Over Media’s Post-Midterm Demoralization Campaign & Republican Infighting

Watch & share to learn how the MSM is taking out all the stops to energize their own base while simultaneously defeating the pro-liberty movement!

Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon’s “ War Room” podcast to raise alarm against Republican infighting and to energize Americans who are tired from the legacy media’s post-midterm demoralization campaign against the right.

“ All of it is about breaking the will, ” said Jones to Bannon Friday morning. “ We had a triumph despite all their fraud, they don’t want us to commemorate it, so they’re dragging it out until not necessarily a news story anymore. ”

“ For those who just can’t take it anymore, if we don’t hold the line it will be 100 times worse. This really is easy what we’re performing [now] compared to what it’s going to be like in case these authoritarians break our own will. ”

Jones went on to details how the MSM is also presently stoking the infighting among Trump & DeSantis to be able to NOT make the conversation concerning the WEF, open borders, the particular fentanyl crisis, the devaluation of the dollar, and so much more.

“ The Serious State is hanging upon by its fingernails, ” said Jones, who then detailed how all this desperation from the establishment was essential to secure every blue stronghold.

“ Once one blue city falls… once we[the pro-liberty movement] finally take over a city with the vote they will all drop like dominos. ”

Be sure to watch & share this explosive interview far and wide to galvanize the pro-liberty & pro-human movements in America and across the world!

Furthermore, don’t miss the rest of Jones’ conversation with Bannon where he unloaded on Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and the depressing state of the GOP institution:

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