December 5, 2022

‘You’re A War Criminal! ’: Ex-CIA Director Brennan Faced Over Surveillance & Torture Policies

“You approve pain — mass surveillance of Americans. And he continues to distribute propaganda. “

Former CIA Director John Brennan had been confronted by an independent journalist in Texas over surveillance plus torture programs he assisted implement in the agency.

Journalist Derrick Broze approached Brennan about his agency’s controversial policies after he spoke at the World Affairs Council in Houston on Wednesday.

“ What do you say towards the critics who still worry about America not being the police of the world and not doing rendition and torture and kidnapping Americans? ” pressed Broze.

“ I would say get a facts right. Because all of the facts you’ve said are wrong, ” Brennan responded.

As Broze continued asking about Brennan’s involvement in torture, drone, and surveillance programs, the previous CIA chief was swarmed by security and directed away from the scrutiny.

“ You’re the war criminal, Brennan! You a war criminal! As well as the students need to know that. A person approve torture — bulk surveillance of Americans. And he continues to spread propaganda. ”

A 2014 Senate report concluded torture sanctioned by the CIA between 2002-2007 was ineffective, “ barbaric, ” and “ abhorrent. ”

After former CIA service provider Edward Snowden exposed the particular federal governments unconstitutional mass surveillance programs in 2013, Brennan looked after the exercise as “ important to United states lives” despite the American Municipal Liberties Union (ACLU) locating no instances of the program halting a terrorist attack.

Brennan also went on to perform unsanctioned drone strikes – some towards American citizens – under Obama’s direction in numerous Middle Far eastern and African countries while CIA Director.

Brennan was forced to apologize in 2014 for unlawfully surveilling Senate computers.

Brennan is now a contributor for MSNBC.

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