November 26, 2022

Democrats Seal Control Of Senate, ARIZONA Governor Race Still Limited

A decisive new batch of ballots from Las Vegas’ Clark Region has prompted the  Related Press  and many other outlets in order to declare that  Nevada  incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has defeated Adam Laxalt, assuring another two years associated with Democratic control of the U. S. Senate.   Using the win,   Democrats will have at least 50 seats plus the vice presidential tiebreaker vote  — just […]#@@#@!!

A decisive brand new batch of ballots through Las Vegas’ Clark Region has prompted the  Associated Press   and many other shops to declare that  Nevada  incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has defeated Adam Laxalt, assuring another two years of Democratic control of the U. S. Senate.  

With the win,   Democrats will have at least 50 seats plus the vice presidential tiebreaker vote   — just as they do today — with an opportunity to secure an additional seat in the Dec. 6  Georgia runoff pitting His party Herschel Walker against incumbent Raphael Warnock. With Senate control no longer at stake,   it seems likely that already-dull Republican enthusiasm intended for Trump-backed Walker will sag even more.  

The Az governor’s race remains restricted , however. Unlike  Friday night’s update   — Saturday’s new tally brought some good news for the GOP, as  Kari Lake trimmed Democrat Katie Hobbs’ lead to 34, 129 votes.   Hobbs is up  50. 7% to 49. 3% .  

There are still  about 300, 000 votes however to be counted in Arizona,   with the great majority coming from two areas: Maricopa, which is home to Phoenix, and Pima Region, where Tucson is found.    

Appearing on  CNN  Saturday evening, Arizona Assistant Secretary of State Allie Bones said   rural counties are mainly done, and that Maricopa County will give more tallies to both Sunday and Monday . She said it was not clear if Pima will launch any more results until Monday.  

Maricopa figures especially heavy. So far,   Hobbs is certainly leading Maricopa 52. 1% to 47. 9%. Nevertheless , the Saturday batch favored  Lake   51. 8% in order to 48. 2% , and her campaign expectations the next batches lean harder in her direction in order to push her to a dramatic 11th-hour victory.    

That may very much become the case.   According to Arizona pollster and data analyst  Landon Wall structure , the sequence by which Maricopa has been counting ballots means that  tallies are increasingly coming from more  Republican-friendly   Phoenix suburbs and exurbs.    

According to Bones,   of the outstanding Az votes, the vast majority are alleged “ late earlies”   — early-voting ballots that voters completed however brought to a polling place on Election Day rather than mailing them in. Trump  won that particular flavor of Maricopa ballots in 2020.    

“ It’s not a question that [Republicans] will win the next batches. Only a query of how much, ”   tweeted   ABC15   political analyst  Garrett Archer , an ex elections analyst for the Az secretary of state.      

The Arizona competition isn’t the only remaining dilemma:   The House of Representatives is still in enjoy too, with each party trying to hit the 218 seats needed to control the chamber.   Since Saturday evening, most stores put Republicans at 211 seats and Democrats at 204. There are 20 seats still uncalled, and each party has a lead in ten of them.   Which makes GOP control likely but nonetheless far from certain.    

In one closely-watched but uncalled race, incumbent Colorado firebrand and  gun-slinging   Trump enthusiast  Lauren Boebert, who’d surprisingly trailed her challenger in previously counting,   today has a 1, 122-vote direct   along with 99% of ballots measured. If the lead remains that will narrow, it would trigger an  automatic recount   under Colorado regulation.

By failing to flip the Senate,   Republicans will now have to watch as Biden proceeds to populate the federal judiciary with more leftists. GOP senators also drop the much-anticipated opportunity to proceed with a variety of investigations , from the origins of the Covid-19 virus, to the government’s pandemic decision making, Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling, and more.    

Those investigations can still happen in the House   — perhaps, on Covid, that could mean substituting  double-MIT-degreed   Rep.   Thomas Massie   meant for Dr . Rand Paul.  

On Fri, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee told  CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS   he’s ready to subpoena Hunter Biden and his business records:  

“ What Joe Biden mentioned is, ‘ Our kid is innocent. ‘ Easily were Hunter Biden, I would want to come clear the name and make some Republicans look bad, ” mentioned Rep. James Comer.   “ So we are going to gonna ask Hunter Biden to come before the committee. In case he refuses, then I think that he would receive a subpoena. ”  

… but that and other queries all hinge on the GOP’s ability to reach 218 chairs in the coming days.  

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