December 9, 2022

Pelosi: ‘Disgraceful’ Republican Response to Husband’s Attack Turned Off Voters

Apparently questioning bizarre circumstances of hammer attack – not the multiple days of questionable ballot counting – is why GOP had meager midterm wins.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif. ) claimed the fact that Republican reaction to the hammer attack on her husband John turned off voters to the extent that a Red Wave didn’t materialize.

“ I want to ask particularly, and point-blank about the fact that there has been such extremism, this kind of political violence, and what occurred to your husband was terrible. Do you think that that recently had an impact on voters as they solid their ballot? ” CNN host Dana Bash asked her on Sunday.

Pelosi said, “ What I’m hearing is it wasn’t just the attack, it was the Republican reaction to this, which was disgraceful, and that I believe really the attack is terrible. ”

“ Imagine how I feel since the one who was the target plus my husband paying the price and the traumatic effect on our family, but that trauma is intensified by the ridiculous, disrespectful mindset that the Republicans. ”

“ There’s no one dissociating themselves from the horrible response that they gave into it, ” she added.

Bash followed upward, “ You think that flipped voters off? ”

“ They tell me so , ” Pelosi replied.

Paul’s Pelosi’ attack was so terrible that he known his attacker as “ a friend” in his phone call to the law enforcement.

Not only that, when he answered the door meant for police, he reportedly retreated back into the home where the attacker was.

Police body cam footage from the attack and the entirety of the 911 call made by Pelosi has been help back by San Franciso authorities.

So many strange anomalies surrounding the Pelosi sludge hammer attack contradicted the official tale that an explosion of memes swept across social media ridiculing the entire incident as a possible homosexual encounter gone wrong.

By Pelosi’s logic, questioning the bizarre situations of the hammer attack towards her husband by a Canadian illegal alien – not really the multiple days of shady ballot counting – is the reason why GOP had meager midterm wins.

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