December 10, 2022

Serta Bongino: Midterms Prove The united states Under Biden Will Get Even worse Before Voters Wake Up

“Unfortunately, folks, bad stuff in these crises are going to get worse before some voters realize that it’s the Left’s fault, ” he says.

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino warned the American people that the outcome of the midterm elections show the country can get much worse before people wake up to the fact Democrats are destroying the nation.

“ You know the old adage: History would not repeat itself, but it rhymes., ” Bongino told viewers Saturday on his show “ Unfiltered with Dan Bongino. ”

“ You’ve heard this a million times — it’s because it’s true. Things are just not bad enough yet for a number of people to wake up from the Kool-Aid slumber. It’s just that easy. ”

Bongino mentioned that despite Democrats not really losing as badly as projected, Republicans still experienced “ an OK day. ”

“ That’s why Republicans had a good day this week, ” he said. “ I’m not really buying the apocalyptic, Chicken Small nonsense, but it could have been a much better day — I take that — than i was hoping for. ”

“ We were hoping for the very best. We got an OK day, ” Bingino recognized.

He then explained that the current series of downturn Joe Biden created simply aren’t enough for people to understand it’s because of him and the Democrats.

“ Yeah, inflation is at report highs, the border can be wide open, the fentanyl crisis  is wiping out children across the country. Crime is surging in liberal cities as well as the economy is in the gutter. Big government is trying to silence your voice, yet apparently, all of this bad stuff just ain’t bad sufficient, ” he said.

“ Unfortunately, people, bad stuff in these crises are going to get worse before several voters realize that it’s the Left’s fault, ” the host warned.

“ I have lived through this particular before. The only question is: How much worse is it likely to get? ” he questioned.

This comes as Democrats are predicted to retain their slim Senate vast majority with the fate of the House majority still to be determined times after the midterm election.

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