December 10, 2022

Video: B-17 Bomber Collides Along with Another Plane During Air flow Show in Dallas

Onlookers watched in horror as the two planes collided, and burst into flames.

The two historic planes mixed and crashed during a good airshow about 10 mls from Dallas’ downtown region. Emergency crews raced to respond to the crash site, but fatalities and injuries stay unknown.

On Saturday at about one: 25 PM, a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and also a Bell P-63 Kingcobra mixed and crashed during the Wings Over Dallas show, stated the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airshow took place at Dallas Executive Airport, where onlookers watched in horror because the two planes collided, and burst into flames.

Debris from the accident fell on a nearby road as clouds of smoke billowed into the air.

“ I just stood there, I was in full shock and disbelief, ” said Anthony  Montoya , a 27-year-old eyewitness. “ Everybody around was gasping. Everybody was filled into tears. Everybody was in shock. ”

“ As many of you have now seen, we have a new terrible tragedy in our town today during an airshow. Many details remain unfamiliar or unconfirmed at this time. The  @NTSB   has taken command of the accident scene with  @DallasPD   and  @DallasFireRes_q   continuing to provide support, ” published Dallas Mayor Eric Manley in a  Twitter update .

The airshow is scheduled around the same time as Veteran’s Day, and is organized from the Commemorative Air Force, an educational association.

“ Currently we do not have information on the status of the trip crews as emergency responders are working the accident, ” Leah  Block , a spokesperson for Commemorative Air Force, said within a statement, but added that will she believes five team members were on the B-17 and one crew person was aboard the P-63.

According to multiple reviews, the FAA and the Nationwide Transportation Safety Board is going to be launching investigations into Saturday’s crash.

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