December 2, 2022

Olympic Swimmer, 24, Injured By Pfizer Covid Jab: ‘I Couldn’t Function – I needed to End My Life’

Swimmer-turned-actress Genevieve Florence details how British healthcare system refused to acknowledge vaccine to blame for debilitating negative effects.

A British Olympic swimmer-turned-actress says she was nearly killed by a work-mandated Covid-19 vaccine, and that her incapacitating side effects were ignored with the National Health Service (NHS).

In a testimonial appearing within an Epoch Periods documentary entitled, “ Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion, ” Genevieve Florence, twenty-four, details how her life took a turn for that worse after she got her first big performing gig, which required her to be double-jabbed.

“ The industry needed me to be double-vaccinated to operate on films, ” Florence described, adding, “ We immediately regretted it quickly as she put it within my arm. I just thought, ‘ Well, what have I actually done? ‘”

Within the weeks that followed, Florence who previously competed within the European Olympics representing TeamGB began suffering debilitating headaches that prevented her through being able function normally.

“ Symptoms after our first Pfizer jab: failure to control my body temperature plus heart rate, agonising pain inside my head that made the room spin, exhaustion, debilitating brain fog, chest pain, shaking, burning up sensations. I couldn’t walk in a straight line, could not walk properly, ” Florence documented on Twitter last month.

“ I actually couldn’t do anything, ” she admitted in the documented. “ It was like someone was actually inside my skull, like pushing away. I can’t explain how horrible it was. And it was I used to be dizzy. I was literally moving. ”

Keeping in mind fears the symptoms could be permanent, Florence broke down in holes describing how she necessary assistance to perform normal daily activities.

“ I really thought my life has been over, ” she sobbed.   “ I didn’t want to even cook food.   I couldn’t even stand up.   I couldn’t care for myself.   My mom came by twice per week to change my bedsheets, perform a food shop for me, and clean my house.   We couldn’t do anything at all. ”

To add insult to vaccine injury, Florencia explained the NHS did not take her seriously.

“ It was the most terrifying experience to be informed that what’s going on with you is psychological and that it’s not bodily when you’re in physical discomfort, ” Florence said.

“ 06. 08. 21 – NHS Gaslighting produced me believe it was almost all in my head, so I went to work. I then almost collapsed on set & therefore was sent to A& Electronic by the medic, he stated there was something wrong with my heart, ” she wrote in a Twitter upgrade. “ After a 6 hr wait in A& E I was told again ‘ anxiety’. Worst day of my life. ”

Fortunately for Florence, she has been referred to a private cardiologist who else recommended “ the correct coronary heart meds” and a health regimen that helped her get back to some semblance of normalcy.

According to Twitter article, Florence appears to have began a GoFundMe seeking contributions for her “ post shot treatment. ”

Florence’s Twitter account, @Gen_Florence , appears to have been scrubbed prior to this article. A few pages were preserved simply by Archive. org’s Wayback Device.

According to the Epoch Instances , the “ Safe and Effective” documentary “ shines a light over the vaccine-injured and bereaved, but additionally questions the accuracy plus trustworthiness of the pharmaceutical companies’ trials, the role of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in regulating these products, the role from the Scientific Advisory Group intended for Emergencies behavioral scientists in influencing policy, and the role of the media and Huge Tech companies in suppressing free and open argument. ”

“ It also features the emotional journeys of six folks who fell ill directly after receiving the jab, together with one young widow. Each one is on an emotional journey associated with pain and mental tension, made worse by the fact that their symptoms are often dismissed simply by doctors. ”

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