December 9, 2022

Report: Body Cam Footage Shows Paul Pelosi Opened Doorway For Police, Contradicting DOJ’s Claims

NBC Bay Area asked why the DOJ falsely claimed the door was opened by “two officers” plus wondered why he didn’t run from his claimed assailant.

The Department of Justice claimed within their indictment of Paul Pelosi’s alleged nudist attacker that “ two officers opened up the door” to his San Francisco home before witnessing him getting attacked but body cam footage apparently shows Pelosi himself opened up the door for police plus stayed inside the home with his alleged assailant rather than set you back safety.

NBC Bay Area reported on Saturday that they “ spoke with a source familiar with the Pelosi investigation” that “ personally viewed entire body camera video recorded simply by officers responding to the Pelosi’s San Francisco home” and it shows Pelosi “ opened the door with his left hand. ”

“ The origin tells us the body cam video shows officers having a brief conversation with Pelosi plus David DePape, before DePape starts beating Pelosi using a hammer, ” NBC Bay Area reported.

NBC Bay Area asked why the DOJ mistakenly claimed the door was opened by “ two officers” and wondered why he or she decided not to run from their alleged assailant (who apparently broke into his home and met him in his bedroom) and instead remained inside the home to get assaulted.


The alleged strike was used by Democrats to hype the threat associated with “ right-wing extremism” ahead of the midterms.

Nancy Pelosi chose to not speak out on the attack until one day before the midterms.

In her post-attack debut interview, Pelosi informed CNN’s Anderson Cooper that will she hadn’t spoken with her husband about what he or she was thinking during the strike “ because any returning to of it is really traumatizing. ”

“ Physicians have said, you know, all of us don’t want him to watch the news, we don’t want him to be revisiting lots of this … because it may add to the trauma, ” Nancy said.

Nancy said she has not noticed Paul’s 911 call and does not want to her it.

“ I don’t have been able to listen to that [911 call] or the entire body cam, any of that, no, ” Pelosi claimed, offering herself plausible deniability when the story later changes. “ I imagine once really in the public domain is after i will have a chance to see it, yet even then the physicians– “

“ Do you wish to hear [the 911 call]? ” Cooper interjected.

“ I don’t think therefore , I don’t think so , ” Pelosi responded. “ But… I don’t know if I’ll have to. ”

“ I don’t– I just don’t know, that’s all the matter on the legal aspect, ” she said, awkwardly clearing her throat.

Pelosi’s statement made it sound like the footage plus 911 call may be held secret forever.

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