December 5, 2022

‘That Man is a Literal Neo-Nazi! ’ Protesters Confront NEW YORK CITY Film School for Web hosting Azov Militant

A swastika-tattooed Azov* militant has been making the models in major Western towns and schools to help drum up public support to get funneling cash and weaponry to the Zelensky regime. Yet audiences are increasingly starting to push back.   Azov Regiment photographer Dmytro Kozatsky has been heckled Sunday night while speaking as an invited guest at the School […]#@@#@!!

The swastika-tattooed Azov* militant continues to be making the rounds within major Western cities and schools to help drum up public support for funneling cash and weapons to the Zelensky regime. But viewers are increasingly beginning to test their limits.  

Azov Regiment photographer Dmytro Kozatsky was heckled Sunday night while speaking as an invited guest at the School of Visual Arts Theatre in Manhattan during an event hailed as the “ Biggest Documentary Film Festival” in the United States.

“ Hi, I’ve got a question, ” one of several demonstrators can be noticed asking in footage from the confrontation. “ Why don’t you let everyone here know that Mr. Kozatsky is an open neo-Nazi? ”

The protester under consideration – a New York City-based student and organizer along with Movement for People’s Democracy named Kayla Popuchet – went on to declare how the Azov militant being privileged onstage “ has published pictures with Hitler, has posted pictures of swastikas… [and] provides participated in the murder of youngsters in Donbass. ”

“ We are being propagandized as the Germans were in the ‘ 30s, ” Popuchet can be heard explaining in a  fuller version of the video .

Kozatsky “ is a neo-Nazi, and we are partying a neo-Nazi. ” “ Doc NYC should be embarrassed with itself for platforming a neo-Nazi, ” she can be heard stating in movie of the altercation, shortly prior to she was physically removed from the event by nearly a half-dozen attendees and occasion organizers. In an exclusive interview with Sputnik News, Popuchet explained that will she felt compelled to take a stand because “ it was important that someone a minimum of try to raise awareness to the NYC community about which [Kozatsky] is really and who is controlling the particular narrative about Russia plus Ukraine. ”

“ We’re being told simply by literal Nazis and their own allies which side to take, ” she points out, observing that she “ confronted violence by two cultivated men for speaking upward about it. ”

“ The guys grabbed me and attempted to push me out, as the crowd called me a “ fucking bitch” and a “ Kremlin shill” – yet ultimately I think it’s nevertheless important to challenge their narrative. ”

In the end, she says, “ I probably didn’t convince everyone, but maybe a couple of people will start asking questions concerning the narrative in the West. ” Yet she told Sputnik that will she’s sure the School associated with Visual Arts was ready for someone to challenge their particular decision to host the Ukrainian nationalist whose creative portfolio prior to this year seemed to consist largely of pictures of  pizzas along with swastikas on them .

Their quick reaction, she says, implies that “ they were prepared to throw out hecklers to defend a Nazi. ”

It’s far from Kozatsky’s 1st brush with controversy. Upon Sunday, Barcelona’s Polytechnic University or college of Catalonia bowed to public pressure and announced that the swastika-toting photographer’s “ artwork has been removed” through an ongoing exhibit, as “ the University wasn’t conscious of the ideology of the author. ” The school insisted it “ radically rejects Nazism and regrets the situation made. ”

*The Azov Battalion is a terrorist organization banned in Russian federation.

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