December 9, 2022

Euthanasia: Disabled Man Set to Pass away After Losing Rooming Home

Now it’s “normal” to expect a disabled man in order to die because he can’t pay for to live

A disabled guy is scheduled to perish after losing his rooming house in Canada.

The man placed on be euthanized under Canada’s ‘ medical attention in dying’ (MAID) program, and although he doesn’t want to perish, he also doesn’t wish to become homeless.

“ He lives in continuous agony due to his back again injury, but has started the process for ‘ finish of life’ because his rooming house is up on the market and can’t find anywhere else to live that he can afford, ” local media reported. “ He barely survives upon Ontario disability support obligations, which are just over $1200 per month. ”

Canada will expand euthanasia access next year, according to media, a decision of which has sparked controversy.

Euthanasia “ cannot be the default for Canada’s failure to fulfill its human rights obligations, ” said Marie-Claude Landry, the head of Canada’s Human Rights Commission.

“ In an period where we recognize the ideal to die with dignity, we must do more to ensure the right to live with pride, ” she said.

The situation underscores the particular out-of-control housing bubble in the West in which low interest rates and Covid-19 hysteria has fueled extreme rent increases and home ownership costs.

In short, homes are now viewed as an “ investment” instead of as a place to live, that has led to once close-knit residential areas giving way to short-term leases, causing people to lose their homes and even their life styles.

This housing bubble is a symptom of a financial system with rampant pumpiing caused by endless money creation, resulting in a lower standard-of-living – and even poverty – just for millions of people worldwide.

And now it’s “ normal” to expect a disabled man to die because he can not afford to live.

This situation, combined with the mental health crisis due to the Covid-19 lockdowns and other aspects of the ongoing cultural climate, reveals how people are increasingly being dehumanized, as if their lives have no real value at all.

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