December 5, 2022

Leader Trump: ‘They Just Got the Election Away From Kari Lake’

Lake target of same type of election theft Trump experienced during 2020 presidential election.

The Arizona governor’s race was rigged, asserts former President Donald Trump.

The 45th president repudiated the results on Truth Social late Monday after reports claimed Democrat Katie Hobbs defeated Trump-backed Republican revolutionary Kari Lake a staggering seven days after midterm Election Day.

“ Wow! They just took the election far from Kari Lake. It’s really poor out there! ” the former POTUS remarked, intimating she was a victim of the same type of election theft he suffered during the 2020 presidential election.

Trump later on re-truthed a screenshot of the Lake tweet accusing Maricopa County election officials of impartiality for launching a PAC within 2021 dedicated to stopping MAGA candidates .

An extra Truth post featuring an image of Lake declaring, “ KARI LAKE WON, ” left no doubt as to Trump’s sentiments regarding the race.

Trump campaigned heavily with regard to Lake, who echoed their thoughts the 2020 president election was stolen via deceptive means.

On Monday, after Hobbs was declared the california’s new governor, Lake dismissed the results on Twitter, saying the election was “ BS. ”

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