December 6, 2022

FTX Included ‘TRUMP LOSE’ Conjecture Token on Balance Page

Liberal slush fund disguised cryptocurrency exchange had $7 , 000, 000 stake in Trump shedding 2020 election.

Collapsed cryptocurrency swap FTX had included the $7 million stake inside a token called “ TRUMPLOSE” on its balance linen.

The fact such a token existed within the FTX balance sheet prior to it imploded is significant given CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s status as a Democratic Celebration megadonor.

Tobey maguire Griffin, CEO of Citadel investment firm, suggested the “ Trump Lose” range item means Bankman-Fried likely used FTX investor money to bankroll the Liberal Party ahead of the midterm polls.

“ In the balance sheet of FTX is a line called TRUMPLOSE. And Sam was the 2nd biggest donor to Democratic candidates, ” Griffin mentioned.

“ Those are really, genuinely ugly facts when you see some sort of fraud of this magnitude obtaining played out and you find no regulators were there to prevent that. ”

“ That’s a really, really tough report, ” he added.

Mainstream news means however are insisting the TRUMPLOSE token doesn’t recommend a nefarious connection between FTX and the Democrat Party, as prediction markets this way are commonplace in the crypto space.

With CoinDesk :

For those looking for a shadowy history that involves crypto in the halls of power in D. C., TRUMPLOSE is going to dissatisfy. It’s not a new world purchase talisman that shows FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried are generally complicit in  laundering money   to the Democratic party through Ukraine donations. Rather, it’s specific part of   FTX’s prediction market   it ran during the 2020 U. S. election.

During the U. S. election, FTX ran a series of prediction markets where traders could choose TRUMPWIN or TRUMPLOSE bridal party that would resolve to $1 should Trump have gained or lost, or eliminate itself to $0 if the contrary should occur.

However , certainly not discount the FTX-Ukraine-Democrat Party money laundering pipeline which has been exposed since the exchange proceeded to go bankrupt over the weekend.

Bankman-Fried also has connections with all the World Economic Forum – which clean its composition with FTX from its web-site – shadowy Democrat PACs like Mind The Space, which raised over $140 million for Democrats, and clinical trials aimed at discrediting economical COVID therapeutics.

The corrupt link relating to FTX and the Democrat Gathering has become so obvious that memes exploded across social media ridiculing the Democrat slush fund masquerading as a authentic cryptocurrency exchange.

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