December 9, 2022

“He Set Off My BS Detector” – Elon Musk Given to Having Sam Bankman-Fried since Investor in Twitter

“Does Sam actually have $3B liquid? ” Musk asked

While Elon Musk is certainly busy dealing with his own group of problems in the world of Tesla plus Twitter, one thing he  doesn’t  have to worry about has been entangled with the now-defunct FTX, or its founder, Mike Bankman-Fried.

That’s because, according to Musk, Bankman-Fried set off his “ BS detector” when he approached Musk about a potential investment in Twitter, based on Musk and a new Yahoo! Finance  article .  

The particular crypto tycoon turned most likely fugitive on the run reached out to Musk in March of the year, the report says, through  William MacAskill through FTX’s Future Fund philanthropic arm.  

Michael Grimes from Morgan Stanley, who was acting since Musk’s banker on the deal, told him that SBF was read to pony up “ at least $3 billion” to help fund the buyout of Twitter, the report says. In exchange for investing, Bankman-Fried reportedly “ wanted to talk about the potential for ‘ social media blockchain integration. ‘”

At the time, it prompted Musk to inquire:   “ Does Mike actually have $3B liquid? ”

“ He’s into you… I do believe you will like him. Ua genius and doer builder like your formula. Built FTX from scratch after MIT physics, ” Musk’s banker told him about Bankman-Fried, who was reportedly “ interested in helping to engineer the blockchain version of Twitter”.  

“ Blockchain twitter isn’t probable, ” Musk responded, including that he would only take those meeting if he failed to have to have a “ mind-numbing blockchain debate. ”

Musk ultimately ended up passing on the decision in order to welcome Bankman-Fried as an investor. Then, after FTX proceeded to go under, Musk took to Tweets to respond to one user’s publish about how everyone was gushing more than Bankman-Fried.

“ My response to SBF was… different, ” Musk wrote.   “ He set off my bs detector, which is why I did not really think he had $3B, ” he said in another post.

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