December 6, 2022

Red Floyd legend blames US profiteers for Ukraine discord

They let it take place because it’s good for company, according to Roger Waters

British rock celebrity Roger Waters has strike out against the US designed for profiting off of the ongoing army conflict between Russia plus Ukraine, which he says Wa allowed to happen because it had been beneficial to American interests.

Discussing US foreign policy on the Poor Faith podcast on YouTube, the particular Pink Floyd co-founder mentioned that the conflict in Ukraine was “ the great thing to happen to them in the last 10 years, ”   because it was  “ really good for business. ”

“ Part of their business is making money from the war by means of making weapons and marketing them to the people and taking profits from it, ”   Waters explained, incorporating that this money never would go to ordinary people.   “ It’s not you or me personally, not ordinary people who purchase the war industry. Is actually people with tons of cash, and they also get very well paid when there’s war. ”

Another benefit of the war for your political establishment, according to Waters, is that it allows it to convince people who struggle to pay the bills and end up homeless that their woes are the mistake of the Russians and Putin, who is compared to Hitler plus accused of being responsible for  “ destroying everyone’s lives. ”

Roger says he has now been banned from performing in Poland meant for openly criticizing the West’s military meddling and calling for peace between The ussr and Ukraine.

Previously, the musician wrote letters personally addressed in order to presidents Vladimir Putin, Zelensky and Joe Biden, phoning for diplomatic talks to finish the conflict, stating it really is   “ the worst possible thing that can be happening, ”   due to the potential of an all out nuclear war.

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