December 9, 2022

“Arizonans Know BS When They See It” – Lake Rebellious as AP Calls Gov Race for Hobbs

Former Republican stronghold now has Democrats ruling top statewide offices

After Arizona’s Monday night ballot-counting updates,   Associated Press   and other shops declared that  Democrat Katie Hobbs has defeated Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake within the state’s gubernatorial election.  

Though Lake trailed from the outset of Arizona’s pathetically prolonged ballot-counting exercise,   she and her campaign fostered hopes that — since Maricopa’s tallies increasingly reflected Republican-dominated Phoenix suburbs and exurbs — Lake would storm back and win the race.  

While Lake did indeed win a majority of those ballots, it was only enough  in order to trim Hobbs’ lead to  19, 382   votes.   Along with 98% of the expected election tallied, Hobbs — an ex social worker and Arizona’s current Secretary of State — leads 50. 4% to 49. 6%. Most of that’s  left to count   in Maricopa are ballots requiring manual scrutiny because of problems.  

In the wake of the race being called for Hobbs, Lake struck a defiant tone upon Twitter:  

Arizonans know BULL CRAP when they see it. — Kari Lake (@KariLake)  Nov 15, 2022

The victory for Hobbs —   who refused to debate Lake  — comes 3 days after incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly held away from Blake Masters in the state’s closely-watched U. S. United states senate race. It also results in flipping the governorship, which is presently held by term-limited His party Doug Ducey.

The former Republican stronghold at this point has Democrats dominating the very best statewide offices:  

Republicans did manage to flip two Arizona House districts, and the state’s nine-member delegation in the next session will consist of six Conservatives and three Democrats.  

In one more AP call,   Az voters narrowly  authorized   a task giving all Arizona high-school graduates in-state tuition rates at public colleges, to incorporate grads who are in the United States  illegally .  

River was a 22-year news anchor at a Fox affiliate in Phoenix. During her strategy, that experience gave her massive confidence in front of cameras, where  she reveled in roasting and ridiculing those nevertheless working in her former field:

Republicans will have to cheat like Democrats if they ever want to earn again.

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