December 10, 2022

Epic Troll: Alex Stein Begs Plano City Council to Let Him Groom Kids in Furry Mask

‘Please explain to me just how this mask at all is distracting when I’m literally trying to protect these children from Covid! ‘

Comic Alex Stein delivered an outstanding performance “ battling for the rights of furries ” in an legendary troll of the Plano Town Council.

In his latest trolling effort, Stein claimed to be a previous teacher who was prohibited through teaching children CRT and wearing a furry dog mask in his classroom.

“ I thought it would be important to teach kids within middle school CRT essential race Theory because if individuals don’t realize being white is among the biggest problems that our nation is facing is whitened supremacy, so I really want to ensure these young kids feel since guilty as possible. ”

Stein goes on to say he made white students pick cotton, before addressing a mask plan at a nearby middle college.

“ Pay attention to the new mask policy on Bowman middle school. And so i go in there and I put on my typical mask plus they said, ‘ Oh, that mask is inappropriate, it’s actual too distracting. ‘”

“ Allow me to ask you, Mayor Muns, ” Stein said addressing the city’s mayor as he donned a leather canine mask. “ Please explain to me how this face mask at all is distracting when I’m literally trying to guard these kids from Covid? ”

Stein’s stunt comes as teacher’s are evidently growing increasingly emboldened with their sexuality.

As usual, Stein’s off-the-wall antics are a smash hit intended for highlighting the liberal insanity that’s infecting progressive metropolitan areas nationwide.

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